Chocolate Tartlet Shells – Small Round


Thaw 10 min and garnish

Our mini chocolate pie shells are pre-baked and ready to fill. Prepared with pure butter, they have a vegetable-based inner coating that protects the frozen tart base from moisture, thus retaining its unique crispy texture.

  • Straight edges and premium appearance
  • Artisanal quality
  • No artificial colours or flavours

Height : 16 mm (0.63″)
Diameter : 38 mm (1.5″)
Weight : 7 g (0.25 oz)
Box: 210 unit.

Thaw for 10 minutes at room temperature or 30 minutes in the refrigerator and garnish.

Enriched wheat flour, Butter, Sugar, Cocoa powder, Palm fat, Eggs, Dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, anhydrous milk fat, sunflower lecithin), Natural chocolate flavor (natural chocolate flavor, dextrose), Salt, Water.

Mini chocolate pie shells make dessert prep easy

Our small frozen chocolate pie shells are ready to fill and can be eaten without baking. Save time and storage space by preparing sweet mini tarts in advance. You can also reheat the mini pie shells for 2-3 minutes, which enhances the pastry’s chocolatey flavour and makes it crispier. Moreover, the round shape of these small pie shells requires less filling than square shells.

Quick and easy recipe ideas with frozen tartlet bases

These round frozen chocolate pie shells are especially popular when filled with custard and fresh fruit. They’re equally enticing with a sumptuous dark or white chocolate ganache and topped with a raspberry, blueberry, or strawberry. Let your imagination run wild and fill these mini tart bases with the most delicious ingredients you have on hand—and do it all while saving prep time and plenty of resources! During peak season, you’ll appreciate having them on hand for your banquets and event menus.

If you’re looking for a supplier of ready-to-fill pie shells for your restaurant, contact us today!

Questions about our frozen products?

Contact us today for more information. We can direct you to frozen food distributors in your area that carry the Gastronomia products you’re looking for.


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