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Gastronomia, a chef's number-one ally!

Designed by chefs for chefs, our premium frozen food products support your culinary creativity and efficiency.

Fueling your culinary performance

At Gastronomia, we make life easier for chefs with our premium frozen products, such as our famous baked goods and desserts. Our many frozen foods save time and help create menus that stand out.

And with our Cool&Simple products for grocery stores, we make our quality products accessible to everyone.

Gastronomia: From 1998 to today

A history of culinary innovation


A history of culinary innovation

Premium quality

At Gastronomia, quality at every level is paramount. Authentic taste, refined presentation, ease of preparation, unparalleled customer service—everything we offer lends itself to a memorable experience.

Our extensive network of frozen food distributors in Quebec and the rest of Canada ensures a reliable, timely supply chain that never compromises quality.


Constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in food innovation, we travel the world to offer new frozen food products that meet the everyday needs of chefs. Stand out with innovative menus that will surprise your most discerning customers. On average, we select 1 product out of every 20 we test.

Food safety

As cold-chain experts and a trusted food supply company, we comply with the most stringent food safety standards, including HACCP, IFS, and BRC. We also ensure that all our suppliers and partners comply with these commitments. Moreover, strict and frequent checks are carried out yearly by our regulatory and quality department for your peace of mind.

Refinement and innovation

Flavour first

Flavour first

Comprising of culinary and nutrition specialists, our Flavour Committee rigorously selects our frozen food products evaluating flavour profiles and authentic taste. Only products that promise a memorable experience for the most discerning palates are selected.

Quality without compromise

Quality without compromise

We know how much you value premium products. Our refined, authentic flavours derive from only the finest ingredients. And to maintain the quality of our products and the consistency of our dishes, we respect the strictest food safety standards.

Optimized supply management

Optimized supply management

Our frozen food products simplify your supply and stock management. Offer consistency on the plate so you won't be caught off guard by shifting consumer demands. Our wholesale food formats give you optimal cost-per-portion control while eliminating food waste.

Your creative freedom

Your creative freedom

Each year, we select exclusive products from here and abroad so you can explore new culinary horizons. Whether you're looking for ready-to-serve, ready-to-prepare, or ready-to-fill products, we have the solutions to help you customize and have fun in the kitchen!

Why are we B Corporation Certified?

International certification
B Corporation Certification attests to a company's commitment to innovation and meeting the highest standards regarding sustainability, social responsibility, and human resources.
Environmental responsibility
We are relentless in our fight against operational waste. And thanks to these three factors, we're managing to eliminate food waste altogether:

  • Freezing our products for unsurpassed freshness
  • Impeccable inventory management
  • Donations to food banks or mobile applications such as Too Good To Go

We've created an internal "green" committee that keeps a lookout for new initiatives.
Social responsibility
Gastronomia partners with the Société québécoise de la schizophrénie et des psychoses apparentées for its Festive Menus initiative. Our 2021 fundraiser raised $24,300 for a cause well known to the company's founder, Vincent Mahé, whose mother lives with this illness.

We've also assembled a "Give Back" committee that organizes volunteer activities in community organizations such as Afrique au féminin, Moisson Montréal, and Chez Doris. The committee also participates in fundraising activities for foundations such as Nous Aidons.
Human resources
We advocate for diversity of all kinds (age, gender, culture, beliefs, etc.) and always aim to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life. We've adopted the 4-day workweek, and to maintain healthy social relations, team members assemble every morning on camera—it's a great way to motivate and synchronize the troops!
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