Cocoa-Hazelnut Filled Croissant


Thaw 30 min and bake

Add another string to your bow with these chocolate hazelnut croissants with 14% French butter! They boast distinctive flaky, deliciously crisp pastry with a generous and melty chocolate hazelnut centre.

  • Gourmet filling, distinctive topping
  • No palm oil, preservatives or DATEM
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Vegetarian

Weight : 85 g (3 oz)
GTIN : 03248288137088
Box: 60 unit.

Leave to thaw at room temperatur for 30 minutes. Ventilated oven : Preheat the oven to 170°C – 180°C , then cook the croissants 16 – 18 min at 165°C – 170°C. Deck oven : Preheat the oven to 180°C – 185°C , then cook the croissants 20 – 22 min at 175°C – 180°C. Time and temperature to adapt to equipment.

Dough 79.59% ( wheat flour ( origin: France), water, butter14%, sugar, yeast, wheat gluten, salt, emulsifier [ E472e ], flour treatment agent [ E300 ], deactivated yeast, malted wheat flour, enzymes [ hemicellulases, xylanases, amylases, cellulases, transglutaminases ] ), filling 16.47% ( sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats [ rapeseed, cocoa, sunflower ], hazelnuts2.14%, fat-reduced cocoa powder 1.22%, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier [ E322 Sunflower lecithin ], flavouring ), Decoration 2.89% ( sugar, hazelnuts 0.7%, cocoa mass 0.6%, fat-reduced cocoa powder 0.2%, emulsifier [ E322 [ rapeseed lecithin ] ], glazing agent [ E904 ], thickener [ E414 ] ), glazing 1.06% ( whole eggs).

Set yourself apart with these chocolate croissants

Foodies will delight with this new chocolaty treat, an alternative to the classic pain au chocolat. Give them yet another reason to lunch at your establishment. And don’t forget to check out our full range of filled ready-to-bake croissants to boost your sweet and savoury pastry offerings.

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