Pre-Cooked Rice for Risotto


Ready to bake

Vegetarian | Vegan | Kosher

With Gastronomia’s precooked risotto rice, you’ll serve perfectly cooked creamy risotto every time-no matter how many guests you’re serving!

  • Only 2 ingredients
  • No additives
  • Always al dente
  • Never sticky

Weight : 1 kg (2.2 lb)
GTIN : 08006967017435
Box: 4 x 1kg

Steam Oven: 3 – 4 minutes. Spread the product on a baking tray not pierced. Set the oven at 100% steam and temperature between 99°C and 100°C. Let it cook according to the time suggested.Boiling water : 1 – 2 minutes. Pour the frozen rice in salted boiling water. Let it cook according to the time suggested. Drain, pour the product into a pan, then add and stir the ready sauce directly into the pan.Microwave oven: 2 – 3 minutes 750 watt.

Carnaroli rice 60%, Water, Salt.
May contain: Wheat, Soy.

What’s the best risotto rice?

There are different types of rice for precooked risotto, the most classic being arborio rice, vialone nano rice, and carnaroli rice. Carnaroli rice is considered the king of Italian rice and is highly prized by top chefs. It’s distinguished by its long grain, delicate flavour, and high absorption capacity, making it the perfect rice variety for creamy risotto rice recipes.

Precooked risotto applications

Prepare the most refined risottos-our frozen carnaroli rice makes sweet music with seafood, truffles, or meat. You can also use this precooked white rice with sweet recipes such as rice pudding.

Tips for cooking carnaroli risotto rice

Because this frozen rice is precooked, there’s no need to wash it. Pour the required amount of rice directly into the pan with chicken or vegetable stock and any ingredients you choose. Bring it all to a simmer for 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally. At the end of the cooking time, remove the pan from the heat and add butter and Parmigiano Reggiano for a creamy risotto.

Questions about our frozen products?

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