Mini Blini Cocktail to Garnish


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Wow guests with our artisanal mini blinis. Made in the Russian tradition, these mini blini pancakes feature a soft, airy texture—just like the homemade ones.

  • No partially hydrogenated oils or palm oil
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives, thickeners or DATEM

Diameter : 4 cm (1.57″)
Weight : 4,5 g (0.16 oz)
GTIN : 00841161006148
Box: 528 unit. (8 x 66)

Reheat (optional), garnish and serve

Water, wheat flour, sunflower oil, modified milk ingredients, egg whites, eggs, baking powder, salt, ascorbic acid. Contains: milk, egg, and wheat.
Contient : lait, oeuf, blé.

What’s a mini blini?

Mini blinis are small, thick pancakes of Russian origin made from wheat flour, milk, and eggs. They’re often used as hors d’oeuvres for banquets or cocktail parties. At Gastronomia, we offer them in two formats to simplify food prep: 1-bite size (4 cm diameter) and 2-bite size (6 cm diameter). Choose the best option for your menu!

Frozen mini blini pancake applications

The most popular blini-based appetizer is the famous smoked salmon blini, topped with cream cheese and garnished with lemon zest or fresh dill. Or, you can add your house tapenades, charcuterie, or gravlax for a guaranteed win. And for a premium savoury canape, top our mini blinis with a teaspoon of caviar, fish roe, or foie gras au torchon. Lastly, for brunch, serve these Russian blinis next to a chocolate fountain for the little ones.

Questions about our frozen products?

Contact us today for more information. We can direct you to frozen food distributors in your area that carry the Gastronomia products you’re looking for.


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