Les Vergers Boiron

Mandarine Puree No Added Sugar


Thaw 12 to 24 hours

This delicious mandarin puree is made from 100% fresh, perfectly ripe mandarins. With a beautiful bright orange colour, it’s like a sunbeam on the plate. It’s the sweetest and most citrusy fruit puree available with no added sugar.

  • 100% fruit-based
  • No added sugars and flavours
  • No preservatives, colourings or additives
  • No GMOs or thickeners

Weight : 1 kg (2.2 lb)
Box: 6 x 1 kg

In order to maintain all the sensory qualities of our product, Les Vergers Boiron recommend you to defrost the product in its original packaging at a temperature between 35°Fand 39°F, 24 hours minimum. If needed you can also defrost the product in its original packaging in bain-marie or at a mild temperature in a micro-wave oven. In order to obtain a perfectly homogenous product, Vergers Boiron recommend you, to defrost the whole product and mix it.

Tangerine 100%

Applications for our mandarin puree from Les vergers Boiron

Boiron mandarin puree goes well with a multitude of menu items. Its bright colour and robust citrus notes add character to your favourite dishes: mousses, cakes, pastry jellies, and seafood. You can even create a signature mandarin puree cocktail (it’s also a big hit among brewers)! You won’t run out of options with this frozen fruit puree.

A pure fruit puree

Recognized for the quality and consistency of its products, Les vergers Boiron offers us a pure fruit puree made entirely from mandarins. Produced from carefully selected and fully matured fruit, this 100% mandarin puree undergoes processing that retains a natural flavour, rich colour, and consistent texture. Count on our mandarin puree to get guests’ mouths watering!

Questions about our frozen products?

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