Les Vergers Boiron

Lemon Puree No Added Sugar


Thaw 12 to 24 hours

This delicious lemon purée is made from 100% yellow lemon pulp, picked when fully ripe. With its superb, bright, sunny color, it brings fresh acidity and a smooth, perfectly homogenous texture. It’s the purest no-sugar-added fruit purée available.

  • 100% fruit-based
  • No added sugar, flavouring, preservatives, colouring or additives
  • No GMOs or thickeners
  • Smooth, homogeneous texture

Weight : 1 kg (2,2 lb)
GTIN : 63389133000828
Box: 6 x 1 kg

In order to maintain all the sensory qualities of our product, Les Vergers Boiron recommend you to defrost the product in its original packaging at a temperature between 35°F and 39°F (2°C to 4°C), 24 hours minimum. If needed you can also defrost the product in its original packaging in bain-marie or at a mild temperature in a micro-wave oven. In order to obtain a perfectly homogenous product, Vergers Boiron recommend you, to defrost the whole product and mix it.

100% Lemon

Applications for our lemon puree from Les Vergers Boiron

This delicious lemon puree will add personality to your recipes. Very popular in mixology, you’ll also love it in your Asian dishes! Its intense, aromatic taste can give the perfect touch of yellow lemon you’re looking for to enhance your recipes. Don’t hesitate to incorporate this delicious lemon purée into your desserts (lemon tarts, icings, meringues, cakes, etc.), sauces, creams and vinaigrettes. This frozen fruit puree is also a must for fish dishes.

A pure fruit puree

Vergers Boiron fruit purée is renowned for its authenticity and finesse. Made exclusively from fruit, this lemon puree contains no preservatives, colorants or GMOs. Available in a convenient-to-work format, Vergers Boiron guarantees impeccable quality, taste and consistency in its frozen fruit purées.

Questions about our frozen products?

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