Ready to bake

Our authentic frozen churros delight lovers of this decadent Spanish pastry. They’re quick and easy to prepare—just place the frozen churros in the deep fryer for 45-60 seconds (or 4-5 minutes in the oven), sprinkle with white sugar and cinnamon, and serve!

  • Authentic recipe from Spain
  • Tasty and crispy
  • Pre-fried product
  • Ready in 5 minutes

Weight : 43 g (1.52 oz)
Dimension : 25 cm (10″)
Box: 50 unit. (approx.)

Cook from frozen. Preheat the oven to 200°C / 400°F. Bake 4 to 5 minutes. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar to taste.

Wheat flour, Water, Sunflower oil, Baking powder, Xanthan gum, Mono and diglycerides. Cinnamon sugar: Sugar, Cinnamon. Contains: Wheat.

Why choose our pre-fried churros?

One big advantage of our frozen churros is their ease of preparation. Made according to an authentic Spanish recipe, our 25 cm pre-fried churros take just 4-5 minutes to cook in the oven or 45-60 seconds in the deep fryer. Whichever way you prepare them, the result is crispy, moist, and authentic!

How to serve our frozen churros?

Bake our frozen churros according to instructions and serve them individually or on a sharing tray. Sprinkle with white sugar and cinnamon, or offer different dips—jams, dark chocolate, spicy chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel, dulce de leche… You can even cut them into bite-sized pieces and create dessert poutines with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and mini marshmallows! Your creativity knows no bounds with this delicious, ready-to-bake dessert!

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Questions about our frozen products?

Contact us today for more information. We can direct you to frozen food distributors in your area that carry the Gastronomia products you’re looking for.


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