Butter Croissant – 60g


Ready to bake


This French croissant has sensational flakiness while remaining fluffy. Treat guests to its irresistible buttery taste. Its high quality comes from its carefully selected ingredients, including French butter.

  • 19% butter
  • No palm oil, artificial colours or flavours
  • No DATEM and no partially hydrogenated oil

Weight : 60 g (2 oz)
GTIN : 00841161089486
Box: 84 unit.

Preheat the oven to 200 °C / 390°F. Reheating with 30 minutes of defrosting at room temperature. Bake without condensation at 165 °C / 330°F for 16-18 min. Time and temperature to be adapted to the equipment.

Wheat flour, Water, Butter 19%, Sugar, Yeast, Whole eggs, Wheat gluten, Salt, Malted wheat flour, Deactivated yeast, Ascorbic acid, Enzymes (hemicellulases, xylanases, alphaamylases, cellulases, transglutaminases) Contains: Wheat, Milk, Eggs

The best baked croissant? They’ll find it in your establishment!

These ready-to-bake croissants are the perfect size. They’re a tasty, economical solution for coffee breaks, buffets, and brunches. Your customers will love these full-size butter croissants. And if you want to offer a smaller option, check out our selection of mini butter croissants.

Frozen croissants for greater efficiency

With Gastronomia’s frozen butter croissants, you’ll be ready to take on any rush! They are ready to bake without defrosting. It is easy—just preheat your oven, place the frozen butter croissants on a baking sheet and slide them right in (no waiting for the dough to rise)! In no more than 20 minutes, you’ll be replenishing your stock.

Questions about our frozen products?

Contact us today for more information. We can direct you to frozen food distributors in your area that carry the Gastronomia products you’re looking for.


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