R. Franklin’s Malort seems to have a very high alcohol content, and it sinks into your stomach like lava and then bubbles like a cauldron. With this in mind, it doesn’t matter what’s better or worse, all that matters is that we now have two malorts to choose from, and that they both deserve to exist. Chicago’s Best Worst Liquor. I tried their newly created R. Franklin's Malort. Archived. You see, this bitter, wormwood-flavored liquor of Swedish origin may be the worst-tasting alcohol in the world. It’s created a term: “malort face.” It has (or rather, local authors Don De Grazia and Matt Martin have) also created “Malort Girls” (pictured to the right). To be clear, it’s not the initial sweet taste of malort that kicks ya in the gut, it’s the extraordinarily bitter aftertaste. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. (Warning: R. Franklin’s Malort is 100 proof and seems to be VERY easy to get drunk off of. Flavored with wormwood, Chicagoans like to give their out-of-town friends shots of malort so they can watch the disgusted look on their unsuspecting faces after drinking the stuff. While Franklin’s has the aforementioned, nearly overpowering licorice taste, Jeppson’s is just sorta sweet. It’s said to taste like sweaty socks, metallic pine needles and sour and regret—still, Chicagoans can’t get enough of the junk. Do the crazies at Violet Hour care? 202k members in the chicago community. Thoughts? 6:20. Most interpretations of malort come from Carl Jeppson’s Malort, which is widely known (in Chicago at least) as pretty much the only malort sold in America. If you come here often, you should tell us (and the whole world, really) about yourself in the bio section of your profile. This town is barely big enough for one malort (AKA the worst liquor in existence), let alone two. /r/Chicago is the place to discuss and stay updated on the daily happenings of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly, or try searching Vimeo. It’s possible that the overstated taste of R. Franklin’s takes away from the bitter kick afterward, but it was hard to tell. If there’s anything I can say about R. Franklin’s, it’s that they’ve made their own unique malort. This town is barely big enough for one malort, let alone two. I find it easy to drink, plus, if I’m at a bar and have a tummy ache, one shot of malort will usually help me feel better (two shots will make me jump on the bar and shake my money maker as truckers throw quarters at me). If you love the taste, maybe this is the liquor for you. It doesn’t matter how many sips of Old Style you have after, it’s not goin’ away. With the help of Letherbee, a Chicago distiller, Violet Hour’s manager Robby Franklin Haynes created his own personal monster: R. Franklin’s Malort. It’s pretty bad. You don’t taste it as much as you feel it beating the crap out of your belly. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. Presenting: R. Franklin’s Malort (Credit: Violet Hour’s facebook). (I have a theory that Malort is so bad that Sweden doesn’t even make it anymore, that the only ones stupid enough to drink it are us big headed Chicagoans, but who knows if this is true). After that, you’re promptly slapped in the nads by the bitter taste malort drinkers know well. I tried their newly created R. Franklin’s Malort. The bitter taste of Jeppson’s seems to cling to your tongue for dear life. Jeppson’s marketing revolves around tasting bad. Cause it’s supposed to right? By comparison, Jeppson’s, which is 70 proof, doesn’t have much of a burn at all.