This air velocity is calculated with the spray paint booth empty and using a cross-sectional area of the air flow direction. There is no code or standard that requires a specific air change for paint booths. (a) General. The ventilation performance of a paint booth is more closely linked to the actual velocity of the air within the cabin than the total number of times the air is exchanged. A device or combination of devices for separating dust from the air handled by an exhaust ventilation system. 1910.94(a)(1)(viii) Exhaust ventilation system. Paint Spray Booth : OSHA requires spray painting operations to have a minimum average air velocity of 100 fpm over the open face of the booth (electrostatic spraying is exempt). OSHA: OSHA states that paint booths must be designed to filter out flammable contaminants and move air currents toward an exhaust for proper ventilation. Quality paint booth ventilation requirements for sale from - 19 paint booth ventilation requirements - China paint booth ventilation requirements manufacturers from China. If you continue to force the same amount of air into a booth, which now has a reduced volume, you will over-pressurize the booth (forcing too much air into the booth). There must be some sort of independent exhaust system in place to discharge outside of the building. OSHA makes other requirements for construction materials, interior surface and floor design, design of baffle plates, cleaning, and the separation from other operations. Our most popular fan configurations are available online; for additional horsepower, single-phase, or explosion proof requirements, please contact our Customer Service Specialists. Paint Booth Exhaust Fans Standard Tools and Equipment offers a variety of paint booth exhaust fans for general ventilation. The item in the booth takes up a certain amount of volume in the booth. The old standard was 100 linear feet per minute (lfm), and this is still stated in the International Fire Code (IFC). The ventilation system must be running at all times during and after spraying. OSHA 29.1910 and NFPA-33 have minimum requirements for air flow to decrease the concentration of flammable materials in a spray paint booth. (b) Operation. Spray coating operations whenever practicable shall be confined to properly designed, constructed and adequately ventilated spray booths or spray rooms which meet all the requirements of both this section and Article 137. Ventilation and Personal Protective Equipment Requirements for Spray Coating Operations. You must account for this. Paint booth air flow requirements. A system for removing contaminated air from a space, comprising two or more of the following elements (a) enclosure or hood, (b) duct work, (c) dust collecting equipment, (d) exhauster, and (e) discharge stack. Adding an item inside the booth: The booth pressure is different empty than when you have something in the booth to be painted.