On top of the usual screaming, they also diligently prepared 60 bags of goodies to give members of the press. With his pleasant disposition, warmth, charisma and excellent singing, acting, hosting and emceeing abilities, he is indeed second to none. He says that he doesn’t like to drink out and party like others. He may look a little different in these photos but still he’s the most handsome guy for me. 1 Husband Material". On 13-1-1987 Lee Seung-gi (nickname: Lee) was born in Seoul, South Korea. He also became famous in Japan and emerged as one of the biggest South Korean music stars. The same year, he announced his next album titled ‘Shadow’, which became the most highly anticipated album of the year and managed to garner more than 40,000 pre-order copies. The Best Newcomer award at the Seoul Music Awards and M.net KM Music Festival were some of the prominent awards he won. Lee started performing in theatres during high school and early college years due to his love of acting. Note: photo credit as tagged . Lee Seung-gi was born on January 10, 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. For the song, Lee won some of the major music awards in 2004. Speaking to Life! Asked about the pressures of fame, he chuckles and says in Korean via a translator: "Sometimes, it would really be nice to have other teammates to delegate some things to.". Despite his flamboyant persona on screen, Lee Seung-gi is known to have quite a clean and ‘good guy’ image in real life. Vogue Korea, January 2015 Lee Seung Gi’s Delightful First Experience (Part 3) English: LSGfan, Source: Vogue Korea An epicurist, he is a walking restaurant encyclopedia and his other name is ‘culinary-gation.’ (referring to the ‘gation’ part in the English word ‘navigation’ also used by Koreans for ‘GPS’) “I feel like I go to all the restaurants said to be tasty. As for his education, after getting through with his high school education with flying colours, he started performing and became a successful musician, which somehow slowed down his education. We also want to give his CDs to them so that they can go home and listen to them and learn more about Lee Seung Gi.". He also played soccer for long hours. In July, an entertainment programme on South Korean broadcaster SBS picked the charmer as the country's "No. Lee made his acting debut in 2005 with a guest appearance in the popular sitcom titled ‘Nonstop 5’. The day before, he held court at a press conference at Bugis+ mall. In 2012, Lee also eyed the international market for his music and released his album ‘Time for Love’. He also expressed himself musically on stage and managed to get the attention of a very popular South Korean singer, Lee Sun-hee, and then received two years training in music from him before making his official debut. One can only imagine the amount of pressure the 26-year-old bachelor must feel at times to keep up with appearances, having been dubbed "Mr Perfect" and "Dream Son-in-law" by the media and fans. It is his second fan meet here after his last one held at Kallang Theatre in August last year. In 2015, Lee made his film debut with ‘Love Forecast’, a romantic comedy. Members of his fan club here - known as Lee Seung Gi Singapore and whose Facebook account has more than 2,000 "likes" - showed up in droves to support him at his press conference. Asked about his extra thoughtful fans, he admits that maybe his nice-guy image has something to do with it. Oh, my heart! Ever since his TV and film career became a little steadily, his music career became little bit slower. In October 2009, he took on the job as a host for ‘Strong Heart’, the talk show and his own individual style of hosting hit the bull’s eye once again with the South Korean audiences and Lee received the ‘Netizen’s Popularity’ award at the 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards. Lee Seung Gi is a good-looking guy with an adorable smile that melts your heart. Lee loved music and arts since his early teenage years and spent hours listening to music. The balanced mixture of all aspects of his teenage hobbies made him a perfectionist in whatever thing he did, and it still continues to this day. Lee has Until then, he is relishing his time as Korea's Mr Perfect. He didn’t stop at that and went ahead with his education by pursuing post graduate studies in Trade Theory along with Finance and Cultural Contents at the Dongguk Graduate School. He admits that his perfect image may limit the acting roles he is offered - so far, he has always played the good guy - but he also sounds confident about delivering more variety in future. Although not much is known about his family background, it has been widely documented that he hails from a very rich South Korean business family. The fact that he learned all the three languages in his school itself, is a perfect testimony to how intelligent he was. Lee says that he has never taken drugs his entire life and doesn’t think that creativity requires an outside stimulation. Lee Seung Gi is the BEST for me and no one else comes close. His appearances on hit variety shows such as 2 Days & 1 Night (2007-2012) and Strong Heart (2009-2012) have also bagged him many popularity awards. I like him for who he is and what he stands for. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/lee-seung-gi-34381.php, Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup, South Korean Film & Theater Personalities, 21st Century Film & Theater Personalities. No real scandal going on between them. Flashing a winsome dimpled smile, he says: "I have managed to do a lot of things that many people my age would not get the chance to experience, and I'm forever grateful. Singer Yoona and Lee dated for quite some time and confirmed their official relationship status in January 2014, but their separate busy schedules made it very hard for the relationship to work out and as expected, it ended in 2015 with both the stars claiming that they will remain good friends.