C $15.85. Telescope striking the EQ mount tripod legs - posted in Mounts: Looking to buy a Celestron AVX (Advanced VX) to replace my Vixen Great Polaris (GP) with an iOptron EQ GOTO Conversion kit. At the moment the tripod just has a large hole at the top where the telescope mount is attached via the usual large bolt. A mount, tripod stand, and base support are just some of the essentials that help in creating a steady base for the telescope to be able to capture the beautiful and intricate patterns of our galaxy. > Telescope Mountings. One of my issues with the GP mount is the the scope tube would hit the tripod legs during slewing/tracking. Here's why an equatorial telescope mount, or "GEM" is essential for astrophotography. Product Code: 20447 SRP: £135.00 More Info. Page 1 of 1: 56 Items ... Automatic Solar Tracking Mount & Tripod (with Heliofind™ solar alignment technology) Product Code: 20320 SRP: £349.00 More Info. Brand New. The scope on the mount is a refractor 104mm f/9 (Vixen FL102S). From China With a couple of different attachments, this homemade telescope mount can easily handle either of my refractor telescopes or my compact Meade ETX 90 Maksutov. Buy It Now. Telescope Tripod Mount -NO KICK- MARKER LIGHTS Astronomy CLEARANCE LIGHTS - 3pc . The first to introduce a computer controlled Go To System, we now off manual, motorized and go to mounts for all astronomers. And here's another secret -- you can make the inexpensive DIY altazimuth telescope tripod described on this page and have a super-solid mount for any small telescope. EQ3-2 DELUXE EQUATORIAL MOUNT. Is there a way to turn this tripod into a plain camera mount by somehow using an adapter? - posted in Mounts: Hi There, I have the Vixen Polaris Mount (not the Super Vixen) for my Celestron C4.5. Telescope Mountings . Place your telescope on one of Vixen's mounts for smooth tracking. 5 watchers. C $45.25. I want to be able to locate celestial objects by using the mounts setting circles and coordinates, but I understand I need to correctly set up the tripod and polar alignment. Brand New. From United States. 1/4'' Handle Grip Mount Holder for DJI Ronin S Smooth 4 Crane 2 Stabilizer Mount. Page 1 of 2 - Leveling a Telescope Mount/Tripod? Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. There are many variations in telescopes, and just as same, there are multiple variants of mounts as well. Vixen has been making telescope mounts for over 65 years. 40x telescope + tripod for lunar star observation +600x microscope +phone mount I have a spare tripod that used to belong to a telescope mount system. An EQ mount on a tripod compensates for Earth's rotation, and allows your telescope to stay fixed on an object. Buy It Now +C $16.98 shipping. EQ2 EQUATORIAL MOUNT. This is an old school German Equatorial Mount with no drive or GoTo.