R-panels are a great solution for the roof on your steel building, and you won't find a better supplier for R-panel roofing and wall material than Eagle National Steel. Cornerstone Roofing is a small company located in Panama City, Florida. Rental Requirements. Our stone coat tools cut and bend stone coated steel panels and shingles. We found this shear to be a time saver for cutting hips and valleys on 36 inch screw down panels (AG panel). I am to analyze the structure and provide recommendations to correct any problems I encounter. Get R-Panel Walls & Roofs (Laminas) from Eagle National Steel Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Area & Beyond. 2306.3(1), 2306.3(2) or 2306.3(3) shall be permitted. Reviews. Makes cutting exposed fastener panels easy. With the Heavy Duty Pivot Shear, you can count on a clean cut on your metal roof panel every time. Renters must be 25 years of age. We have been a customer of Swenson Shear since 2002 when we purchased the Model 64. Ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels. Renter's towing must pass driver's license check and provide proof of full coverage and liability. Metal Siding/Roofing Shear Panels Metal Siding/Roofing Shear Panels cuels (Civil/Environmental) (OP) 16 Aug 10 17:25. Not sure if we're the right fit for your needs? The Makita 16-Gauge Shear (model JS1602) The Makita 16-Gauge Shear (model JS1602) combines power and improved ergonomics for a range of metal cutting applications. Make a Reservation. Able to shear straight at 90 degrees and up to an 8/12 gable. The powerful 3.3 Amp motor delivers 4,000 SPM, with a minimum cutting radius of 1-3/16 in. NEW 16 Station PBR – R-Panel Roll Former; 36″ panel, ribs on 12″ centers, 1 1/4″ high coil width 42 3/4″-43″ USA Tooling Design – Special Roll set in stand 16 – by adjusting the stand tighter it will reduce the width of the panel, looser it will make the panel wider so the exact panel width of 36″ may be achieved even with variations in coil strength. Email* Send. Name. Social. The Swenson Shear Stone Coat Cutter is designed for use on a multitude of metal roof applications from stone coated metal shake and shingles, to 14 gauge stainless flat sheets. Eliminates burred edges and flying metal on your metal roof panel or sheet metal. for precision applications. Give us a call, and let us know the details of your trip. We look forward to working with you! In April of 2005, we purchased the SnapTable and added the hemmer in February 2012. The building is framed using 1-1/2" square tubing to create 4'x8' openings (for rigid … Shear RV. R-PANEL OPEN FRAMING OR SOLID SUBSTRATE ARCHITECTURAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL PANEL 36" COVERAGE WALL EXPOSED PANEL FASTENED u Finishes: SMP, PVDF, and Acrylic-Coated Galvalume® u Corrosion Protection: AZ55 per ASTM A 792 for unpainted Galvalume® AZ50 per ASTM A 792 for painted Galvalume® G90 per ASTM A 653 for Galvanized u Gauges: 26 ga and 24 ga standard; 22 ga optional u 36" panel … Contact Us. Wood structural panel shear walls are permitted to resist horizontal forces using the allowable capacities Where panels are fastened to framing members with staples, requirements and limitations of AF&PA SDPWS shall be met and the allowable shear values set forth in Table 2306.3. Gallery. I am analyzing an existing structure that was built without a building permit.