Proactive classroom management. While reactive classroom management involves taking things as they come, proactive classroom management is the fine art of anticipating certain issues and having solid contingency plans in place. For example, effective school-wide programs and classroom management systems may reduce the number of students who will require individualized behavior plans. Examples: Hypotheses Proactive Strategies When an adult's attention is withdrawn or focused on other children, Lisa makes noises; her behavior results in the adult Learn How to be Proactive. The memory of old students may be more prominent and interfere with the teachers ability to grasp onto the names of the students they are currently teaching. Let’s talk about the alternative. For example, tell students, “Excellent work getting to your seats quickly.” It’s also helpful to avoid using the word don’t, suggests Alyssa Nucaro, a sixth-grade English teacher in Memphis. Example 4: New and Old Students. 6. 8 Ways To Be More Proactive With this knowledge in mind, let’s now consider how you might go about shifting your own mindset from being reactive to proactive: 8 PROACTIVE TEACHING AND EMPOWERING STUDENTS Being proactive entails a conscientious effort on the part of teachers to pro-vide a classroom environment that allows students to be themselves, take risks, learn from mistakes, and understand how to take responsibility for their actions and feelings. a proactive intervention for the classroom ... For example, if a student whines in order to get attention and is successful in getting it, the attention serves as positive reinforcement which increases the likelihood that the student will continue to whine. Students worked in groups to figure out which of the following situations showed proactive behavior and which situations showed reactive behavior. programs, and systems. For example, a new employee doesn’t wait to be given feedback on her performance, but proactively seeks it out. It was fun to watch them sort and explain their thinking. People who are action focused get better jobs, better grades, have … Even if trying days are few and far between, we want to be prepared. Taking action and being proactive are two of the most important ingredients to success in life. Experienced public school teachers know exactly what’s going to cause them grief the first few weeks of school: overcrowded classrooms, scheduling snafus, misplaced students, classroom interruptions, and technology malfunctions. We wrapped it all by discussing the situaitons as a class and brainstorming proactive approaches to those troublesome reactive behaviors. In a different video, I mentioned that proactive interference can affect a teacher’s ability to learn their students’ names. Students are more likely to listen to instructions that include clear reasons.