How to Salvage Bread with a Raw MIddle. The baking time was cut to 45 min and I agree 200 is overdone. I have been baking bread with no trouble for years. My pan is 9.5x5.5 stainless steel loaf pan; it is light (weight and color) but very sturdy; I bake it at 350F for a bit longer than an hour, until the edges turn dark and could not possibly be baked any longer unless burned; I'm maximizing the baking time in hopes to cook that damned center! The crack down middle of a quick-bread is usually caused when the top of the loaf sets before the loaf is finished rising. This time I am trying lower heat and longer cooking time. 1. Let’s dive into each of these reasons and see how you can avoid or correct the situation. Viewed 9k times 1. so I use 190 -195 range I add extra banana. Now, out of the blue, my loaves are turning out all soggy and underdone in the middle. I took it out at the finish time and the outside was ready but inside was still gooey. Steaming I thought maybe it was the recipe so I tried a new one. Bread has been baked too soon after shaping / under proofed. I covered it with foil and its been 20 minutes with foil on now. Make sure your oven is heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place the bread back into the oven for approximately ten to twenty minutes. here are the top 5: 1.Too much moisture in the dough 2.Not enough heat in the oven 3.Too much gluten 4.Under-baked bread 5. An 8″ x 4″ loaf takes about an hour to cook at 350(F). I bake it in a glass pan which has a nonstick coating on it (I think it's an Anchor Hocking pan). Sometimes it takes longer, depending on your oven. As the loaf continues to rise, the stress on the cooked top surface causes the crack. I baked banana bread and it is still in the oven. Still the same. Banana bread edges are burnt, top and middle is underdone. I use a recipe from Food Network for banana bread, no modifications. My son’s neighbor gave me a tip on banana bread baking instead of using 1 large bread pan she split them up to smaller pans. Active 1 year, 9 months ago. Please help! Gummy bread is the result of several reasons. It has been 25 minutes on 300 and it is still not done on the inside. To salvage an underbaked loaf of bread that has come out of your oven looking fantastic, but raw in the middle, you can still make it into a decent loaf of bread. I just took it out and it still isn't ready! I have an electric oven and am using a loaf pan. Banana bread is typically made with a very wet batter. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 9 months ago. This is the 3rd time in the past month I have tried making it and each time it is done/burnt on the outside and mush on the inside.