It takes hard word in order for you to get hired. What is the starting pay for pediatricians? My goal is to be a pediatrician or even pursue pediatric neurology. It’s a long road to become a pediatrician including (after high school) 4 yrs of college, 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency. They have to go through 11 years of school before they are ready to become a pediatrician. We always need more pediatricians. Pediatrician FAQ. Some may find medical school challenging, but as long as you have the motivation and drive to do it, you will be able to become a pediatrician. Yes, it's hard. Not as hard as some medical specialties, but all of them are pretty tough. It i very difficult to answer this question by a simple yes or no. You will need to have a great understanding of science. A pediatrician is a doctor, you will go through the same basic training as all other doctors, followed up by specialized training in pediatrics. All the hard work you have done since high school has finally paid off and you have entered a medical school -- but you are still far from becoming a pediatrician. It is neither hard nor easy. It is never too early to start taking extra sciences courses, such as … That’s great. Most pediatricians receive a starting pay of around $68,800 per year. It seems like a really hard job that takes a lot of work and effort (just like any other job). Money really isn't a problem for college and all of that, but I don't know if I can really get that job when I'm older. There's four years of college and then four years of medical school, followed by three years of residency (more if you plan to specialize). I was wondering if it would be significantly harder to obtain this career path if I applied DO over MD? Is it hard to be a pediatrician? I want to become a pediatrician, but I don't know if I can really make it. Thank you! It's not 10+ years of school (at least in the US). I am currently in undergrad and I am considering rather or not to apply MD or DO. I have been a pediatrician for nearly 20 years and my opinion is definitely yes. Are pediatricians happy? You will spend the first two years of the medical school in a classroom where you will learn basic medical sciences like physiology, human anatomy, chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, and neuro-anatomy. Is it hard to become a pediatrician? I am 13 years old, and my school is teaching us about high school, college, and career choices. Kids can be challenging to work with but treating them is very gratifying.