The invisible decrease would look more like a single crochet and that is why it is more invisible. WENDY July 22, 2020 at 11:59 pm . Reply. The first two methods for sewing crochet pieces together involve using a strand of yarn and a yarn needle, and use basic sewing techniques to sew the pieces together. The whipstitch is best for joining crocheted rows made of the shorter stitches, such as single crochet. However you can use the technique in the same way for US double crochet stitches; you would just need to pull your loop up slightly taller when making your first stitch after the join. In this tutorial I’ll show you exactly how to whip stitch two pieces of crocheted material together. Whip Stitch, sometimes referred to as Blanket Stitch is a popular seaming technique used for joining two pieces of fabric or crocheted items together. The steps you take to crochet the 2 stitches together is what makes it invisible. Whip stitching is a common method for sewing your crocheted items together. See more ideas about Invisible stitch, Crochet patterns, Crochet projects. Apr 13, 2019 - Explore Jen Bath's board "Invisible stitch" on Pinterest. The four methods in this tutorial are: the whip stitch seam, mattress stitch seam, slip stitch seam, and mattress stitch seam. Whip Stitch Definition. This is really a go-to crochet technique that ought to be learned even by beginner crocheters. The steps in the “invisible decrease” method is more like the steps you take to make a single crochet stitch, compared to the steps you do in a traditional decrease. One of my favorite ways to join two pieces of crocheted fabric together is with an invisible seam stitch. The invisible slip stitch works best for projects that are worked in the round, which are normally done in US single crochet. You join the crochet pieces by whipstitching the row-ends together (when sewing the side seams of a garment), or you may work in the tops of the stitches (when you’re sewing shoulder seams or motifs). The stitch creates a smooth seam that is almost invisible from the right side of the fabric. I have also seen variations of this stitch referred to as a mattress stitch and a ladder stitch. Step 1: Place the 2-pieces of crocheted fabric on a flat surface with the right sides facing up and the edges you wish to seam touching. This makes it highly useful for making Afghans and quilts. Whip stitches will create a seam, but shouldn’t be too noticeable when you’re done. It is a very easy stitch, once you get the hang of it. Whip stitch is a method that can be used for sewing granny squares together but you can also use it for sewing seams, attaching other types of crocheted pieces together, or adding decorative details around the edge of a crocheted piece.