The size is 200 x 150 cm. The problems are: 1- Hinged doors don’t match any sliding door (those with aluminium frame) 2- Since the sliding doors are outside the frame, the hinged door unit will be protruding the hinged doors. I really like the new design of PAX for the corner wardrobe, the problem is that the corner unit is very similar to a regular unit but almost 3 times the price! IKEA - PAX, Wardrobe with sliding doors, white/Färvik white glass, 10 year guarantee. Help me solve this PAX wardrobe problem. It is not fixed to the wall and has sliding doors. We have got the huge pax 203cm high double door(one mirror), one smokey white Ikea wardrobe with 2x soft close sliding doors and drawers. I’ve bought two sets of Pax sliding doors from eBay to use as doors for a makeshift fitted wardrobe (the alcove is already there and the doors were the perfect height….). Perfect where space is limited since the frame is narrow. See the answers. Svorkmo sliding doors/Pax wardrobe - sticky/squeaky door problem Edit: Solved - the cap on one of the guides at the bottom of the door had come off during installation. I love it. Other IKEA PAX wardrobe problems #1 CAN I TURN REGULAR PAX UNITS INTO A CORNER WARDROBE? When I found the cap and realised what it was, I replaced it on the guide and the door is squeakless and moving smoothly. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure. I’m squeezing my brain with no luck to try to create a wardrobe using a 2 metres wide Ikea pax wardrobe with sliding doors and adding to one side a 50cms Pax unit with hinged door. I’ve got a PAX wardrobe which has been standing fine for the last 8 months or so. I am thinking of purchasing a PAX wardrobe to fit on a little corner on my entry room. Its stylish and cool looking, roomy, solid and is the best wardrobe I have ever had. But – I don’t have the Pax sliding rails that go with the doors, and apparently IKEA don’t sell them separately. I noticed a few days ago that the carcass on the right hand side end which supports shelves and drawers seemed to have moved outwards a bit. The guys that put it in did it in 2 hours easy peazy. Sliding doors allow more room for furniture because they don’t take any space to open. It would have taken us days if we could have worked it out :) Hello hackers! Photo: