In this video we look at an extremely efficient and effective way to end a street fight fast! Simple techniques work under pressure. This video is about how to fight and punch to inflict pain on your attacker. When someone threatens you, snap to attention. There are some people out there who refuse to resolve conflicts with verbal communication. The easiest way to avoid injury is to avoid a fight altogether. Techniques don’t work if you don’t. 1. That is how to fight effectively at close range using some simple Wing Chun techniques. How to Win a Fight in Under 30 Seconds One definition of winning a fight is to emerge from the fight uninjured, regardless of what happens to your opponent. Working hard on simple techniques is the trick. Here are 8 simple steps you can follow to avoid ending up in the emergency room after a street fight. If you cannot avoid the fight, make sure you get the first hit. Searching out a place to escape to is especially important if you’re outnumbered. If you're going into a fight, you're going to get hit no matter what, so it's better to hit first. Try to defuse the situation. Wake up! How To Win A Street Fight in Seconds! Look for objects that you can use for weapons. Be aware of your environment. However, if you are being attacked and you are cornered, the next best thing you can do would be to end the fight as quickly as possible. 6. How to fight and where to punch to end a fight in seconds all depends on where you punch the body. Simple techniques done well win fights. Dynamically respond to what your opponent does. 2. How to Win a Fist Fight. You want the element of surprise so that you can throw your opponent off, creating space for you to escape. As important as avoiding a physical fight is, sometimes it's unavoidable.