In C1 option Microwave will be in Full power & Convection will be on 110 Celcius. For best cooking results, do not attempt to use any other rack in this type of microwave oven. Using the Convection Rack in Your KitchenAid Microwave . It heats up your food but in a slightly different way. The device’s inner and exterior surfaces. Using a towel and a soft paper or linen. Our last mode is Micro+Convection mode; when we will press the Micro+Convection button, you will Get four options as Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3 & Combo 4. CONVECTION BAKE or ROAST — Use to cook foods like your conventional oven. GE Profile Convection/Microwave Oven Cooking Guide This Cooking Guide is a quick reference for using the new Profile Convection/Microwave oven and its versatile baking, roasting and microwave features. Unlike a conventional oven, it doesn't have any heating elements exposed, and it uses fans on the interior to recirculate the heat that the oven generates. The rack is designed specifically for this type of microwave oven. Glass mist purification. In C2 option Microwave will be in Full power & Convection will be on 140 Celcius. Apply a paper towel with a … Refer to the Owner's Manual for complete instructions. For using the whirlpool convection microwave, the thing for consideration is not to use wool sheets, abrasive materials for washing, steel wool mats, scouring mats etc. A convection oven is a lot like a traditional oven. The convection rack provides optimal heat circulation for convection cooking, and comes with some KitchenAid microwaves.