I sent an email to the BPS but to no avail. If you have a psychology degree that was not accredited by the BPS or a degree in another subject (though usually in this case you will still need to have studied some psychology within that degree) you have one of two options. Alternatively, you could read for a psychology-based Masters degree. The alternative route is to opt to take the BPS' own Qualifying Exam. The normal route to gaining the qualifications needed to work as a psychologist is to take an undergraduate degree in psychology and then further study and training on an approved postgraduate programme. or Can I pursue that dream? For example, you can become a life coach and guide others towards realizing their full potential, without having to gain a degree. Hi, I am currently in my last year for Law and, unfortunately, I figured out that a career in law was not for me. Questionnaire: Psychology, Hobby or Career? Questionnaire: What Field of Psychology Suits You Best? As long as the degree is accredited by the BPS, you will be eligible to register for graduate membership. Some of these roles do not require a psychology degree, while others are intended as additional roles to supplement your main career as a Practicing Psychologist. What Are the Career Prospects for a Psychology Graduate? To become a clinical psychologist you need to: Take either an undergraduate (first) degree in psychology, or an undergraduate degree in a different subject followed by a psychology conversion course. What I want to know is that Is the 3 yr Post Graduate training route To becoming chartered more demanding and intense than an undergraduate degree or is it just more specialised? I would like to do Ph.D in Psychology. I have quite a lot of experience in mental health. Regards. I have a degree in Psychology with counselling from a UK university. This usually includes an undergraduate degree that leads to the Graduate Basis for Registration (GBR) and a suitable postgraduate qualification. What is Experimental Design and Statistics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Business, Psychology in Management and other Graduate Careers, Ongoing Professional Development as a Pyschologist, Re: Working in the UK with a Psychology Degree from Abroad, Re: Becoming a Psychologist Without a Psychology degree. Considering pursuing a career in psychology? I 'm completed my degree b.sc BTZC, I want to become psychologist ( human behaviour )iam eligible to study M.SC psychology ,and how to prepare and what are the exams universities are they conduct ? It seems only natural to go into Educational child psychology and do my doctorate as I have the experience within the educational sector (which is one of the criteria). The fee for this (in 2008/09) is £1025 plus VAT. What Type of Person Makes a Good Psychologist? So I newer learn a letter, and I am "practising" since 36 years without unsolved cases. I completed a degree in sport psychology in 2003. But finding the right one isn't always easy, so this page aims to provide some helpful insight and guidance. or do i want to pursue bachelors in Phsychology? Hello, I have obtained my bachelor degree in psychology (Greece) and I have completed my master in clinical psychology in the erasmus university of rotterdam. I have completed MCA and MBA.I would like to do Ph.D in Pshychology. The BPS provides a number of additional careers resources designed for use by schools, colleges, and higher educational institutions. Is it possible to do? Thank you for posting this article. What can I do? But whatever level you're at, we aim to provide you with all the information (and inspiration) to help you on your way. At home? Thank you for your help, 2- of course I’d ather be a chartered psychologist. Essentially if you wish to work as a Chartered Psychologist but do not have a psychology degree you have two main options. It’s not unusual to choose to become a psychological therapist later in life, perhaps as a second career. These include youtube videos, newsletters, and downloadable resources, all of which can be accessed on this page. However, if you wish to work as a "Chartered Psychologist" either in private practice or for organisations such as the NHS you will need to have gained a qualification approved by the BPS. Becoming a Psychologist Without a Psychology degree. I have completed MCA and MBA. You write: These are offered by various universities (some 30 in the UK) and most lead to some form of postgraduate award (Master of Education - MEd or a Postgraduate Diploma being the most common). Time moved on and pursued a career in teaching. Further details about accredited psychology degrees and conversion courses can be … And an undergrad in business. If you do an online search for psychologists working in private practice you will notice how often they describe themselves as a Chartered Psychologist (the status will also help in obtaining Professional Indemnity Insurance). I have a Bachelors if Education (First Class Honours). "A final conversion route is if you do not have a first degree in psychology but do have a Ph.D. in Psychology". Hi, Iam an experienced teacher and SENCO I am looking at becoming an Ed Psyc. What can I do. Look at non-regulated careers for helping professionals . Would this qualify me as a counselling psychologist? Would I have to do a Psychology undergrad? Sir ,now I am appearing in 3 rd yearon bsc degree with math,physics,chemistry ...but I want to become a psychologist..now what can I do?is this possible if I wii get bachelor's degree from open University ?plz reply me sir... Hello, I’m currently in my final year of Bachelors of Management Studies is it possible for me to pursue Psychology as my masters? If your first degree is not in psychology, you may be able to undertake an approved 'conversion course' that will give you eligibility for GBC. Questionnaire: Understanding Yourself as a Psychologist.