Guide. Close. Fruit of Abundance x5 – obtained by gathering or farming sunflowers, strawberry, grape or onion. Menu Home Black Desert Online Conan Exiles Fallout 76 Path of Exile Other Games. Posted by 4 years ago. I don’t normally do the Barter Routes that take my Fruit of *. [Black Desert Online Wiki] Fruit of X Farming Guide! Some of the land goods that you get are somewhat rare and would take hours to obtain yourself, like the Fruit of Abundance. Likewise, if you plant Emperor Mushrooms and harvest the hypha, you have a %chance to get a Fruit of Magic Power (and ONLY a Fruit of Magic Power) during the harvest. For example, if you plant GARLIC, let it grow to 100%, and then harvest the SEEDS, you have a %chance to get a Fruit of Crimson Flame (and ONLY a Fruit of Crimson Flame) during the harvest. Essence of Liquor x1 – obtained via cooking Fruit x1, Flour x1, Leavening Agent x1; Purified Water x2 – obtained by processing (L) > Filtering a Bottle of River Water Alchemy ... Fruit of Abundance: Strawberry Garlic Onion Sunflower; CHEAP PRICES What Is The Prokaryote Abundant Off And What To Do With Fruit Of Abundance Bdo, REVIEW AND GET LOW PRICES NOW. BDO Black Desert Online How to mass produce Fruits for Alchemy with Farming. Archived [Black Desert Online Wiki] Fruit of X Farming Guide! Asking you if you know about the traditional ritual of Valencia, Tamayeta told you to go to the place where you can take a good look at the ritual. I always do the Fruit of Abundance painting barters because I like to keep them for other crafting. 8. Anyone know of any other way to get the various fruits needed in abundance for any advanced/crystal alchemy recipes? Learn how to get all types of Fruits such as Fruit of Nature and Fruit of Abundance. I have 2x10 farms constantly being picked at 100% through the day and 120% over night and am lucky to get 1 fruit over 15 breeds and 5 harvests (Harvests don't seem to drop fruits) I've gone like 3 full cycles before (40-50 breeds) without getting any fruit.