Depuis, Erik a eu l’occasion de travailler pour des clients de renommée internationale tels que Google, Microsoft et IKEA, il a aussi pu garnir davantage sa galerie de travaux personnels, l’occasion idéale pour remettre ses incroyables photographies au goût du jour. Ensuite, à lâge de 15 ans, il reçoit son premier appareil photo qui lui fait rapidement découvrir les joies de la photographie mais qui au même passage, habitué au pouvoir détablir les règles avec le dessin, développe en lui un certain sentiment de frustr… ERIK JOHANSSON SURREAL PHOTOGRAPHY. Erik Johansson is a Swedish-born artist based in Prague who creates surreal images by recombining photographs and other materials. Opinion: Instagram Could Really Use AI or Curators for Hashtags, Apple, Google, Huawei and Samsung: The Real Competitors of Traditional Cameras,, Trust Your Instincts: Interview with Hollywood Cinematographer Pedro Luque, Color Grading in Lightroom; 5 Tips for Working Quickly, The Future of Fantasy Photography: An Interview with Renee Robyn. He tells us here about how he achives his impossible photographs. LO- Research and analysis the surreal images by Erik Johansson. Dans son cas à lui, figer des instants uniques de la vie ne l’intéresse pas, il se sert plutôt de son outil de travail pour assembler séparément un nombre d’éléments qui l’aideront à concrétiser avec une idée, tout cela bien sûr avec un résultat réaliste au possible. I wanted to put my retouching in a public space, to see if I could create a street illusion that would look realistic. Erik Johansson (born 1985) is a photographer and visual artist from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic. When shooting on location outside, I often simply use natural light, so the weather gets to decide the mood of my photo. I chose to review and examine this image because I thought it was most interesting. For light, I use Elinchrom RX flashes, and Canon Hot Shoe for location shoots. There is immense planning that goes into every one of Johansson’s works. The work of Swedish photographer and image manipulator Erik Johansson has become a worldwide sensation. What’s the trick to getting a natural, but realistic photograph? Ce site utilise Akismet pour réduire les indésirables. LO- Research and analysis the surreal images by Erik Johansson. It’s easier than trying to create them in Photoshop. You need to combine materials that have the same perspective and light. It’s true that for personal projects I never use stock images. C’est à ce moment-là qu’Erik se met à s’intéresser à la photo-manipulation et s’amuse à modifier ses propres photos sur son pc. I didn’t start out to make a living out of this work; people just seemed to like what I did. Né en 1985 et ayant grandi dans une ferme située à Götene (Suède) auprès de ses parents et deux jeunes sœurs, Erik commence dabord par exprimer ses idées à travers un papier-crayon. I don’t really put labels on my work—photography, drawing, illustration, retouching. How important is this for you, and do you see fine art as a tool in photography? The work isn’t really different in the U.S. compared to Europe—it’s always the same short deadlines! Erik Johansson is a Swedish photographer and retoucher, born in 1985. Tell us about your inspirations, your favorite quote, and your philosophy in photography. My work is a combination of having wild ideas and knowing the tools to realize them. His ability to bend reality without photo manipulation is par excellence. He captures ideas by combining images in new ways to create what looks like a real photograph, yet with logical inconsistencies to impart an effect of surrealism. Right now, I’m working on a retouching job for a New York agency, an album cover art for a Swedish band, and a concept image for a Swedish company. It was out there for six days and got a lot of publicity. It was completely up to me to define what to do. Growing up with a grandmother who painted and a penchant for escaping into the other worlds of video games, he naturally blended the two into a technique using computers to generate images that couldn’t be captured by a camera. Erik Johansson:, Sony Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 by Establishing $100 Million Global Relief Fund, Students, Tell Your Story! I have clients from all over the world. Selon lui afin de constituer une image, aller d’une dizaine de calques jusqu’à 1000 importe très peu. I’m also thinking about summarizing the last couple of years in a photo book, revealing some behind-the-scene images. Inspiration is everywhere. Chances are high that you have already seen one of the photographic masterpieces of Erik Johansson online. I chose to review and examine this image because I thought it was most interesting. What equipment do you shoot with, and what programs do you use?