So next time you need hardwood flooring installed or need your existing floors checked, contact us right away. After all, everything has a shelf life, and you may need to get your flooring repaired from time to time. This is another common problem that plagues hardwood floors and requires homeowners to take... Squeaks and Creaks. Here’s what you need to know. Sure. Twenty & Oak Experts are a team of flooring professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. The best advice to save money and time is to replace the hardwood flooring instead of going for a refinishing job, as the nails and mold can also start giving you issues. The key lies in knowing when your hardwood flooring is beyond the scope of repair. The most common sign that your hardwood floors have become old is when they start squeaking, creaking, and making noises that are generally not expected from a good-quality floor. The general rule for repair vs. replace with this issue is this: If you can see exposed nails over more than 30 percent of the floors throughout your home, it’s time to replace. If you’re torn between refinishing your existing wood floors or replacing them, read on for our answer to the question: When are hardwood floors beyond repair? A flooring professional should be able to diagnose and repair squeaky floors easily. Consult with a flooring pro to help you choose replacement floors that will complement your existing hardwoods. Unless you’re standing on a skateboard, a moving sidewalk or an escalator, the ground beneath your feet is not supposed to move. Paint is also an option—and it’s historically accurate for many homes, too. If you’re noticing any of the scary “replace me!” warning signs we mentioned above, schedule a consult ASAP with a contractor who specializes in hardwood flooring. At Wall 2 Wall, we’re all about providing you with the best consultation services at affordable prices, no matter the state of your floors. Once you narrow your selections, order a sample, (or two or three!) If this is the case, they may not respond as well to a second or third time around. Structural instability can sometimes creep in unknowingly, and before you know it, the wooden planks and boards beneath your feet are shaking and moving, and you are caught in the middle of your own personal earthquake. Hardwood InstallationHardwood RemovalHardwood ResurfacingWater-Damage Repair, 5 Tips for Making Your Portland Hardwood Floor Last. In fact, that’s the exact type of situation this guide is meant to help you avoid. The reason your floor starts making such noises is that, with time, your hardwood starts to expand and contract in such a manner that the individual planks start rubbing against each other, and the nails, which are holding the entire thing together, also start making contact. The ideal moisture content in hardwood flooring should be around 6 to 12 percent, but once it crosses a 40 percent moisture content, be sure to replace the flooring, rather than face severe damage. With many years of experience on our side, we’ve established ourselves as the hardwood floor maestro that you can trust. In others, though, you’ll probably need to pull up the wood, repair the issue, replace the subfloor and replace the flooring with new hardwood. In some cases, a contractor might be able to fix the underlying issue without touching the floors. If you have engineered wood flooring you want to refresh, you can sand and refinish those surfaces, too. You can’t click your heels together three times and turn oak into pine or parquet into a less showy pattern. The root cause of these issues could be something as major as water damage or foundation cracks. The reason why this problem is beyond the scope of repair is because of all the intensive fixing that you would need to do. Pro tip! If Your Hardwood Floors Are Beyond Repair, Get a Quote for New Flooring. 5 Things to Expect from Great Wood Floor Installation Service, 5 Room Decor Tips to Complement Wood Floor Restoration. Pest Damage: Termites and ants can eat away at hardwood flooring. If you live closer to areas that are prone to floods or in contact with water due to excessive leakage, your hardwood floors may be in danger. Verdict: Replace. So here’s a list of common indicators that suggest that your hardwood floors are beyond repair. The only barrier to the sand-and-refinish option is how many times your floors have been sanded and refinished previously. However, even the most reliable flooring can give up sometimes. From asthma to eye irritation and rashes, there are various issues that mold can cause. In high-traffic areas, it’s not unusual to begin seeing nail heads sneaking above the surface. Structural Instability. Once your floors reach this point, it’s time to look into getting something new and durable. Most solid hardwood flooring can handle several rounds before it’s time to replace it. Use a level or even a marble to check for floating or sagging floors. They’re known for durability, beauty, and quality. It’s because your hardwood flooring absorbs the water instead of resisting it. If you have had hardwood floors for a while now, then it would probably be right to guess that your floors have gone through the process of refinishing. If you’re a homeowner with hardwood floors in your house, it’s inevitable that they will need refinishing or replacing eventually. Squeaking boards aren’t as much of a problem as they can sound like to homeowners. However, you don’t need to wait until you can spot your basement from the living room couch before you get to work on a fix. In high-traffic areas, it’s not unusual to begin seeing nail heads sneaking above the surface. Okay, one more question: When can you get by with a repair? How to Know When Your Hardwood Floors Are Beyond Repair, A Buyer’s Guide: 4 of the Most Affordable Flooring Options, How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Holiday Party Traffic. Here are common signs that signify there’s water damage beyond repair: Home is always going to be a work in progress, whether it’s getting your floors sanded, polished, or even repaired—a homeowner’s work is never over. Mold can also cause a serious threat to your health, and that’s, of course, a chance you shouldn’t take. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, a little warmer or a little darker, you can absolutely get that effect by sanding your existing floors and staining them. The general rule for repair vs. replace with this issue is this: If you can see exposed nails over more than 30 percent of the floors throughout your home, it’s time to replace. It might be possible to remove the existing hardwood only in high-traffic areas. An absolute classic, hardwood floors are a sign of a well-built home. If that’s the look you’re dreaming of for your home, you’re going to have to replace the hardwood with new floors. They’ll be able to give you an accurate, expert assessment of your situation, along with any stopgap measures you can take and how long you can afford to wait. So, the big question: When is the right time to replace your floors? Hardwood floors have been an absolute favorite for the last few decades, and at Wall 2 Wall, we know they aren’t going out of trend anytime soon. When Are Hardwood Floors Beyond Repair? Wondering why water damage takes place at all? Since your house was built, those floors may have seen decades, if not generations, of use and abuse. While hardwood flooring can last for centuries, there are circumstances like incorrect installation, high traffic, poor conditions, and pets that can require homeowners to replace their flooring sooner than anticipated. So it’s strongly advised that you get rid of what you presently have and start working on getting fresh, new flooring. What To Do If You Spill Water on Hardwood Floor? Refinishing involves sanding the wooden planks down to a smooth surface again. Service Type Pro tip! ©Twenty & Oak 2020  |  Terms & Conditions  |  Privacy Policy. Are they annoying? Eventually, the noise will return, and when it does, it will be back with a vengeance. In such cases, the overhaul work usually extends to the sub-floor and may cost a fortune. Needless to say, it’s time to bid adieu to your hardwood floors because they are beyond repair and start looking for new options for yourself. Again, in such circumstances, the cost of pest control will be nearly equal to the amount you would spend on new floors.