Show all slides with active slide unaffected (Presenter view), Ctrl + + (plus), Select or cancel selection for one word to the left (for text) Reorder selected slide object one layer below, Ctrl + Shift + ] Opens Present Online dialog box, Ctrl + F6 This is the original page. Hide the pointer and navigation button (Slide Show view), Ctrl + Alt + V hand-drawn shape options! (if enabled), Alt + M Collapse all groups within the Selection Task Pane, Alt + Shift + 9 the Notes pane (Presenter view), Shift + F7 Duplicate selected Layout or selected Slide Master (Slide Master view), Ctrl + E option is enabled, Up Arrow Just + (plus) Move to the preceding cell within a Table Read the elapsed time. Move to previous slide (Normal and Slide Show views), Page Down box; to bring up the Font dialog box, press the Ctrl + T shortcut key), Shift + F4 Select or cancel selection for one paragraph below (for text) Pakistan Affairs Set 2; Pak Studies; GK; Computer; English. Have you ever used keyboard shortcuts and sequences in PowerPoint? TechRepublic Premium: The best IT policies, templates, and tools, for today and tomorrow. English Synonyms; Pair of words; Islamic Studies; Everyday Science; Report Mcq; Others. not listed here, please get in touch with us through our feedback form. Go to the previous Bookmark for media clip (works in Normal and Slide Show views), Alt + Up Arrow Select or cancel selection for one paragraph above (for text) Home | { "@context": "", Christian PowerPoint Backgrounds | Advertise | Top of Page. Move cursor to end of current line of text Insert New Master (Slide Master view), Ctrl + Shift + N Select all slides (Slides tab and Slide Sorter view) Last Updated: October 16, 2019. Select all text (in Outline view) Get 100+ additional PowerPoint shortcuts with PowerPoint ShortcutTools - efficiently design your presentations with PowerPoint shortcut keys. Cursor goes to the beginning of the previous word Size selected object(s) taller, Shift + Down Arrow Press the Alt key to display the ribbon shortcuts, called Key Tips, as letters in small images next to the tabs and options as shown in the image below. "datePublished": "2019-10-16T09:30:00+05:30", Here are 10 keyboard shortcuts to help you make the most of PowerPoint. PowerPoint Backgrounds | and select the entire text object Opens Replace dialog box Access the Tell Me help option (Normal view) Nudge selected slide object upwards, in normal increments even if the Snap to Grid }, Product/Version: PowerPoint 2019 for Windows, Date Created: October 16, 2019 Size selected object(s) shorter in smaller increments than Shift + Down Arrow, Ctrl + click; then arrow Keys: Left, Right, Use mouse-click to advance while rehearsing (Slide Show view), O Ctrl+P Open a print window to print the page you're viewing. Display the computer task bar (Slide Show view), Ctrl + U Duplicates active presentation, Ctrl + P Delete the word just after the insertion point, Ctrl + Home {"@type": "WebPage", option is enabled Activate the previous option or option group within Dialog box Now, links may not be so useful in a printed document, but for online documents, try it out. View Slide Show from the current slide onwards, F6 Nudge selected slide object leftwards, in smaller increments if the Snap to Grid Hide and unhide Ribbon (Ribbon tabs are visible), Ctrl + Shift + F1 Rotate slide object counter-clockwise by 15 degrees, Alt + Right Arrow option is enabled, Down Arrow Opens Font dialog box (select the text or text container first) Select last slide (Slide Sorter view), Page Up Underline selected text Ctrl+N Create a new page or document. Opens a list of Slide Show shortcut keys (Slide Show view), F2 Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch between the Normal View and Outline view. The timer starts running as soon as you launch this view (Presenter view), Alt + z Move to the subsequent cell within a Table ], Center Align selected text (Normal view) Home; Current Affairs. Move cursor towards left on slide (Normal view) Scroll Notes downwards in Presenter view, Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences: Keyboard Shortcuts for PowerPoint (Index Page), You May Also Like: Never the Paint Brush – Always the Artist Or do you want to know if your favorite keyboard shortcuts are documented? Show or Hide Selection Task Pane, Alt + F11 "@id": "" Ctrl + Shift + P Start by moving your cursor to the location where you want a hyperlink to appear. Access Slide Show tab of the Ribbon, Alt + U Zoom in a Slide (Slide Show view), Ctrl + Shift + = "description": "Explore keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows. Hide Pointer and Navigation buttons (Slide Show view), Ctrl + Shift + J Press B again to resume the show (Slide Show view), E Close the view (Presenter view), Enter Shift + End {"@type": "Review", Size selected object(s) thicker, Shift + Up Arrow Select next slide object on Slide (when one object is selected) "author": "Geetesh Bajaj", Selects first slide (Slide Sorter view), Ctrl + Shift + HomeSelect from cursor location to the beginning of all text Alt + Shift + C Each of these 8 shape types have 10 variants. Ctrl+K: Insert a hyperlink. Ctrl+L: Align the line or selected text to the left side of the slide. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ", Expand all groups within the Selection Task Pane, Alt + Shift + + "dateModified": "2019-10-16T12:00:00+05:30", Just – (minus) Feedback | Change the pointer to an arrow (Slide Show view), Ctrl + D Repeat last Find action, after the Find dialog box is closed, Shift + F6 Here's the most comprehensive list of PowerPoint 2019 for Windows Press ESC to close the window. Up, or Down Opens Font dialog box, when text is selected, Ctrl + H MS PowerPoint questions and answers for general Knowledge and for exams.Here is the list of Microsoft PowerPoint Mcqs for jobs exams and tests. Size selected object(s) taller in smaller increments than Shift + Up Arrow, Ctrl + Down Arrow Switch between open PowerPoint presentations. Scroll Notes upwards in Presenter view, Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow Select previous slide object on Slide (when one object is selected) Select all slide objects (Normal view) For example, on the Home tab, the Paragraph group includes the Bullets option. Move down (for selected text on the slide or in the Outline view), Alt + Shift + 1 If nothing on your slide is selected, goes to the last slide keyboard shortcuts that we know about. PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly complete tasks. Select or deselect text to the beginning of the line. Open Backstage view, Alt + J Switch between open PowerPoint presentations, Ctrl + Shift + Tab