This sulfate-free conditioner gently cleanses your hair … This set definitely delivers incredible results, beautiful tone free of brassiness. This progressive toning system is ideal for preventing and neutralizing brass for brunettes. This ultra-gentle shampoo and conditioner carefully cleanse even the most delicate of virgin and color-treated fine hair, while also adding volume. I recommend to first use shampoo & then conditioner that way It will give your hair much more strength & leave your hair glossy & shiny. The color depositing shampoo and conditioner uses blue pigment to tone the hair to cooler tones. This powerful, sulfate-free toning shampoo features blue pigment to fight brass and help keep your highlighted or natural brunette hair color cool, bright and healthy. When I first received Redken Brownlights Blue shampoo/conditioner, of course, the color was the first thing I noticed. Redken's Color Extend Brownlights Blue Toning Conditioner is a color-depositing, blue toning conditioner for brown hair. Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo 10.1 oz and Conditioner 8.5 oz Blue toning shampoo and conditioner bundle is perfect for cutting down brassy orange tones and repairing highlighted hair. Blue conditioner is also a product made especially for brunettes. Redken's Color Extend Brownlights conditioner is a great addition to Redken's Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo. A bottle of blue conditioner avoids brassiness in dark hair colors and helps you get the same treatment you get at the salon. This shampoo is formulated with blue pigments to prevent and neutralize brass on both highlighted and naturally brown hair. Blue conditioner also works according to the color wheel analogy given for the blue shampoo, adding that shine needed for it to glimmer and dazzle. Complete your system with Redken Color Extend Brownlights Conditioner. A blue shampoo a day keeps the brass away! If you’re a brunette dealing with brass, pick up Redken’s Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo. Redken's Color Extend Brownlights Blue Conditioner is a color-depositing, hair toner and blue conditioner for brown hair. This blue shampoo and conditioner for brown hair is perfect for anti-brass protection and removing unwanted warm tones. With the distinct color, I decided to do a little research before trying the product. I read many reviews about the discoloration of showers and nails. Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo, $22.50 MSRP This sulfate-free conditioner is ideal for color-correcting and neutralizing brassy tones on natural and highlighted brunettes or color treated hair, including brunettes with grey coverage. Keep your brown hair in the best condition with this anti-brass blue toning shampoo, which is the newest addition to Redken's Color Extend color care collection.