Answer: I live near the coast as well and all of my citrus does beautifully. The silver gray colored leaves dramatically contrast with other plants and trees in your yard. Sweeter. Answer: It's hard for me to see what zone you're in, but olea europaea will do fine in zones 8 to 10. (needs Golden Boy Pear to pollinate) (Latin: Pyrus communis), Pears (Golden Boy) zones 8A-9 - Normally grown on rootstock, height is limited. Answer: A lot of the hard fruits like apricots and apples, require cooler temperatures. The fruit matures by December/January. Thank you! Grow your own olives for use at the table or for making your own high quality olive oil on one of the most cold tolerant and adaptable of all olive trees. Large bushy tree. I will make sure it gets enough water over the next year and a half so it will produce well in 2018, like it did in 2014. . Both thrive in USDA zone 8b, but may not make it in zone 8a if temperatures dip below 10 degrees F. (-12 C.). Neither of my trees are in a heat trap, and they've both survived two dry cold fronts this winter where very warm weather was followed in hours by several days of very cold weather. Fruit is ripened and ready to pick by November. If you love olive trees and live in a zone 8 region, you may be asking: can olives grow in zone 8? I am amending the soil, the Orchard will be irrigated by spring water from the upper part of the property, supplemented by well water if necessary. The USDA plant cold hardiness zone designation is an approximate guide of where a plant is cold hardy in the U.S. These trees are in the same genus as plums and prunes, but the fruit is much smaller. (Latin: Juglans nigra), Black Walnut (Carpathia) zones 5-9 - Can grow to more than 105 feet (31m) tall, yields whole fruit with husks in autumn. Olea is a genus of 34 species of small evergreen trees or shrubs whose most famous and most commonly grown member is the Olive Tree (Olea europea). Many factors influence whether a plant is cold hardy in a particular area including micro climates that exist within zones. Answer: I don't think Jacaranda is a fruit or nut tree, but it looks like the hardiness zone is more tropical at zones 9B to 11. This is one of the earliest fruiting varieties! There are two varieties of apple trees that will do well in this zone as well- Anna apple, which is an Israeli variety, and Golden Dorset. I have had a satsuma orange, it did.well down to 20 degrees, below that it froze back, but because well established it came back. Dried laurel berries can be also be used as spices/ food seasoning. However, sweet cherries are not reliable beyond zone 5. The U.S. Department of Agriculture designates areas as zone 8a if the average coldest winter temperature is 10 degrees F. (-12 C.) and zone 8b if the lowest temperature is 20 degrees F. (-7 C.). It can, however, support a huge range of cold hardy trees. I have a question. Therefore an excepted + or - one zone accuracy is accepted. Growing Trees in Zone 8 With an average minimum winter temperature between 10 and 20 F. (-12 and -7 C.), USDA zone 8 can’t support trees that are frost sensitive. Answer: It's hard for me to see what zone you're in, but olea europaea will do fine in zones 8 to 10. Crops tend to alternate crop yield (e.g. (Latin: Corylus americana), Bay Laurel zones 8B-10 – Can grow to 60 feet (18m) tall, leaves (bay leaf) are used for cooking. This occurs naturally when autumn slowly turns into winter. Can Olive Trees Grow in Zone 6? Question: Will a tropical beauty peach Halford tree grow in zone 8b? The rear of our home faces the marsh and has full sun exposure for most of the day in the summer. Both ‘Koroneiki’ and ‘Arbequina’ fruit fairly quickly, after about three years. With varieties that can tolerate temperatures below 20°F, homeowners in areas that include parts of USDA Hardiness Zone 8 can enjoy the taste of fresh avocados from their own trees. Kumquats, as you likely know now, are a great one for containers. (self-fertile) (Latin: Citrus pardisi). Most breeds of cherry trees thrive in zones 4 through 8. Depending on variety, typically self-fertile, however recommended that they be planted in groups of three of more. Can olives grow in zone 8? For example, both ‘Arbequina” and “Arbosana” are small cultivars, topping out at some 5 feet (1.5 m.) tall. What fruit and nut trees would you recommend that could handle the salt air?