West Africa is home to the largest species of land snail in the world. But for one savvy entrepreneur in Nigeria, a giant version of the meaty mollusc is helping him tap into a market he says can generate high profits with little initial outlay. "If there were farms that (is when) you would have got them.". Smallstarter helps entrepreneurs overcome frustrating business problems. AbdulAzeez has just sold his latest harvest to a number of luxury hotels and high-class restaurants in Lagos. But others say snail farming in Nigeria, and other West African countries remains, on the whole, an area of unfulfilled potential. It’s the largest snail in the world and can easily be found across West Africa’s vast tropical forests. I would say that the snail farming provides opportunities that are yet to be seized. I found some telephone numbers on his website and I suggest you let him know of your experience. Under this climate, snails tend to thrive and multiply very fast. What makes charismatic people more likely to succeed? Among these three species, Achatina Achatina is the most desirable for farmers because it grows so big to become the biggest snail species in the world. That's where businessman Ismail AbdulAzeez is rearing giant African snails… Does God hate Africans? Snails are a rich source of animal protein and contain a huge blend of essential amino acids. The video below is a CNN-featured interview in Ismail’s backyard snail farm. Tasty African delicacies featuring the Giant African snail (photo credits: afrolems.com; mamadish.com). Struggling to build your business? Others are enthralled by its incredible size and keep them as pets and keepsakes. The popular species of economic interest is the West African His website is http://www.ismailabdulazeez.com. But once fully grown, the snails can sell for 250 Naira ($1.64), depending on the season, he says. Is this the solution to tribalism and ethnic hatred in Africa? Amazing! SIR JOSEPH I.A ARUMEMI-IKHIDE (OJEMAI FARMS) Another modern farm with high level of activity … The numbers are: +234 802 305 0835 , +234 703 363 2285. He adds that while some businesses may have brought structure, order and professionalism to the sector, much of what passes for snail harvesting in West Africa remains opportunistic. The most common snail breed in many parts of Africa is the Giant African land snail (Achatina species). "In the dry season ... December to March, you don't get anybody selling snails," he says. I saw your piece on bitter kola and I took action on it and paid N7 500. Monney, head of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife at Ghana's University of Cape Coast, snail entrepreneurs like AbdulAzeez remain the exception rather than the rule. His customer base includes luxury hotels and high-class restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria’s populous commercial centre. --K.A. His services as a consultant and trainer now serve as rich extra income streams. While young people, many of them high-school graduates, look to the government and big companies for formal employment, Nigerians like Ismail are looking beyond the obvious challenges and achieving amazing business success! He claims to have so far taught more than 1,000 people how to create their own snail farm businesses and says that those who are successful could earn as much as $15,000 every two years. CNN interview with Ismail Abdulazeez, the successful Nigerian snail farmer. Many spe­ cies of edible land snails are recognized in Nigeria. You need to watch this. "To get something like this," says AbdulAzeez holding up a snail shell the size of his palm, "you'll (initially) spend about 25 Naira (16 cents), assuming you're working with about 10,000 snails at a time.". Table manners for entrepreneurs — important tips and dining etiquette to always keep in mind, One of my best speeches of all time — The danger of a single story. Please leave a comment in the section below or share this inspiration with a friend. Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) -- The harvesting of snails as a delicacy has traditionally been synonymous with countries such as France and Italy. There are hundreds of ideas like snail farming that can change your life in Africa. However, as more rural dwellers head to the cities for jobs and our forests are rapidly overtaken by new and expanding cities, snail farming in small farms and home backyards is gradually becoming a sustainable and lucrative supply source. However, the rising consciousness of Africa’s middle and upper class to choose healthy diets has made snails a popular feature of expensive meals in hotels, bars and restaurants. Afterall, Ismail’s snail farming got him on CNN! Snail meat has a very low cholesterol content, which makes it a healthier favourite and alternative to the fatty red meats that still make up a significant part of the African diet. Snail farming in Nigeria is a micro-livestock adventure with very low investment and a relatively high profit. Whether you’re hunting for good business opportunities, trying to start a business, looking to raise capital, eager to make more sales and grow your business, or desperate to structure your business and hire capable people, you’ve come to the right place. And AbdulAzeez is quick to point out the potential that start ups such as his own could have in helping other young entrepreneurs climb their way out of poverty. The most common snail breed in many parts of Africa is the Giant African land snail (Achatina species). He uses his extensive knowledge in snail farming to help young Nigerians looking to climb their way out of poverty and unemployment. His snails have also been exported to countries as far as Norway, the UK and Continental Europe. Ismail and a few other entrepreneurs like him have exploited this niche market to great advantage. John-Paul Iwuoha is a business transformation specialist and founder of Smallstarter. "I would say that the snail farming provides opportunities that are yet to be seized. The confessions of an economic hitman (Must Watch). But to my greatest surprise, non of the email of the prospective buyers was valid email.