Belfry Gargoyles with CoC, dex build and no shield at early game. The longer you battle against the Gargoyles, the more difficult the fight becomes. Covetous Gold Serpent ring, used +1 version when given it by Magerold and I believe the +2 version is given from NG+ by the Belfry Gargoyles. This is the easiest tail cut since the tail is long and weak. Again gives item boost. Reward: Belfry Gargoyle Soul. Watchdragon Parma. Tackling this boss early game on NG just after ruin sentinels with a katana and no shield while joining the company of champions is quite a challenge I enjoyed. 250 hours! Finally finished my SL1 NG run. Gargoyle Tail Axe - Cut the tail off of the Belfry Gargoyle. [UPDATED 31/10/20] STILL HELPING PPL LET ME KNOW. EDIT: Due to multiple ppl requesting assistance i may not be able to help you at the current time you ask due to helping someone else and because of timezone differences, but please be assured i will be able to help after im finished helping others. As one might imagine it's not going amazingly well. 1. However, as the fight progresses, a total of six Gargoyles join the battle. Took me a lot of tries to figure out the best approach for me. 3. 2. Final results: - All main game Bosses defeated (Belfry Gargoyles was the hardest) - All DLC Bosses defeated (Aava almost made me … 4. I have lots of free time atm and can be on during most of the day this week. Prisoner's Tatters. Belfry Gargoyles NG+ Advice for low level character Title says it all really, I've got a lvl24 / 59k SM character that I'm trying to beat the gargoyles on NG+1 with to get that gold serpent +2 ring. Prisoner's Hood. The battle begins with only two Gargoyles attacking. Gives a boost to item discovery and for some reason I find it more effective than the Jester's Cap.