The Food Conversion Ratio in our system is excellent requiring 1.2kg food to produce 1kg fish (1.2:1). The biggest supply of wild-caught barramundi comes from Indonesia, with fish reaching 5-10lbs. The fish comes from both wild fisheries and aquaculture production. Actually barramundi fish or seabass is very common and popular throughout the world.. And commercial culture of this fish is getting popularity faster mainly because of it’s high popularity and price in the market. The fresh seafood online that delivers direct to your door. Commercial barramundi fish farming is not a new business idea. Adults eat primarily fish, as well as other Giant Perch, and crustaceans. Juveniles eat small fish, aquatic insects and small crustaceans, like prawns. in less than a year, it is well-suited for aquaculture. Barramundi is one of our best selling fish and this farmed sea bass has taken the American palate by storm. Barramundi are a fish that responds well to heavy stocking in the tanks, and grow quickly. Because barramundi can reach a market size of 1.5- 2lbs. Ideally, at harvest, each 10,000 litre tank produces in excess of 750kg of fish, ranging from 600g to 800g each. Order seafood online today with Australia’s best online fish market direct from the Sydney Fish Market. Browse and buy barramundi fillets online today. Rated 5 out of 5 by britjill from Barramundi Center Cut Sea Bass this is absolutely the best fish I have ever cooked (except for the fresh caught fluke at Oak Beach, Long Island, NY) This is really good value and realy delicious. I enjoyed the butters that accompanied the fish. Indeed this fish performs very well in a variety of dishes. Giant Perch Fish box price Photo of Barramundi fish As Dr. Oz, who rates it as one of his top 5 Superfoods puts it, “Bonus: the white meat is light, flaky and delicious”. The barramundi fish has never compromised in its taste served in any corner of the world. Otherwise, it has also always helped the people to make a mark in terms of maintaining its fluency. Barramundi Fish for sale Barramundi Fish Price. $7.99 per fillet.