Tuition costs for a graduate degree program in engineering are determined by the type of engineering program, as well as the type of the academic institution. For example, an undergraduate degree in biology has roughly the same earnings power as a degree in art history, while the typical graduate from the University of Florida has a starting salary of $51,100 compared $44,000 for graduates from Florida State University – even though Florida State University costs $4,000 more per year to attend. For example, a degree from Benedictine University , a Catholic university in Lisle, IL, costs $32,340. Just like some on-campus degrees, online degrees have moderate tuition costs, with some providers offering free tuition for their programmes. What Is the Average Cost? Data through 1995-96 are for institutions of higher education, while later data are for degree-granting institutions. According to PayScale, a master’s degree in education leads to an average annual salary increase of $5,000 compared to a bachelor’s degree in the field. According to the Education Department, 276,498 students were offered a place at universities this year, so the extra 39,000 Commonwealth-funded places is an increase of about 14 per cent. —Not available. Question: What are the trends in the cost of college education? Response: For the 2017–18 academic year, annual current dollar prices for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board were estimated to be $17,797 at public institutions, $46,014 at private nonprofit institutions, and $26,261 at private for-profit institutions. Tuition costs of colleges and universities. However, unlike campus-based studies, online degrees have the implicit financial advantage of not requiring additional costs for moving, housing, transport from campus to classrooms and other expenses related to studying abroad. For example, the master's program at the University of Iowa costs $24,536 for residents or $52,228 for non-residents, a 46%cost increase. Those costs can approach $100,000 or more for high-end graduate schools that offer name-dropping prestige. 1 Data are based on in-state tuition only. Online degree programs and private school programs in public health typically cost $26,000-$33,000. : NOTE: Average graduate student tuition weighted by fall full-time-equivalent graduate enrollment. The latest averages for completing an accredited master’s program begin around $30,000 or $40,000 for a typical public or private school. Why Get a Master’s Degree in Education? Online masters degrees in education unlock higher earning potential and career advancement for educators.