They are the most common catches for fishermen. The rock bass are known in my part of the country as "Goggle eye" The fish is excellent eating. If I'm fishing a pristine lake/stream in Canada I might take a Smallmouth or 2 for supper. 12-16" would be a great slot for eating fish, instead its 15"+ and … In my opinion, with as many great tasting fish in most freshwater,(including Walleye, Crappie, Northerns, Catfish, Bluegill, Trout, Salmon, Etc), WHY eat … The bass are still shallow after spawning and want to eat at this time. You can also get on a good topwater bite in the summer because of the warmer water temperatures. I wish Iowa would let me eat 12-14" bass, those are the best eating and most overpopulated. ... causing more harm to those that eat them. Is this true with Large mouth bass and yellow looking worms? GOOD LUCK and GOOD FISHN ! reply #10. bass eater. They eat things members of the animal kingdom. I'm not much of a "Bass eater". Smallmouth bass can still have pretty big mouths, they just aren’t bigger than the fish’s whole body. FLYGUY. Smallmouth out of our streams in this area are very good eating. Smallmouth Bass do not eat much during the Winter months, but a dying threadfin shad drifting by is tempting. Lastly early fall before the water temperatures drop to cold the bass chase bait heavily to feed up for the winter. During the warm months, when terrestrial insects are active, smallmouth bass will feed on those unfortunate enough to fall in the water. I usually toss them back though, as I enjoy catching them more than eating them. It has a very mild slightly sweet taste.I'm sure the goggle eye in your part of the world would be just as good to eat. We know amphibians, are eaten by smallmouth bass, including lizards and frogs. However, there has been an ongoing debate as to if it is perfect for eating. They are sold in fish markets, and people generally buy it. The size of prey animals that a bass wants to eat depends on the size of the bass, but don't be deceived by the name smallmouth. That includes frogs, lizards, insects, crawfish, and other fish. We are going to do our best to answer this question. White Bass are good to eat.