Hey Terri – I live in St Petersburg,Florida Now. An Amish salvage grocery, aka “bent n dent” store . . Plan your visit with our map! RELOCATION INFORMATION. I know,  I know, the stuff is still perfectly fine. Once in a store in Big Valley in PA, maybe another time in a smaller community in Ohio. 05/11/2016 Barbara V. Barbara V. While you are there, be sure to visit the nearby Detweiler's Bent & Dent store. Salvage grocery stores, aka “bent ‘n’ dent” shops, are common in Amish communities. Any ideas for stores near their., or other areas of settlements in Iowa which would have a restaurant and stores? Terry, a great reason to make a day of it. The targeted customer is certainly the local folks but many English can fill there needs by shopping here. Sugarcreek Discount Grocery Discount & salvage groceries, fresh meats and cheeses, along with other misc. This no-man's land between Richmond and Muncie, Indiana has really been experiencing a huge growth in its Amish population the past few years. Related Searches. BB’s Grocery Outlet (Lebanon, PA) is popular with both English and Amish. EVENTS. They’re popular among Amish with many mouths to feed, and English bargain hunters as well. Where are the closest Amish communities? Didn't seem like it to me, but maybe brand-name non-salvage Corn Flakes are expensive). The customer base is 20% Amish and 80% English. Grocery Store. Yes, it is rare, and the particular one that comes to mind at the moment was a younger lady, and I was traveling alone. That’s good to know. Seventh; our good Amish friends who I wrote and informed them when we’d be stopping, so there’s a treat to go with our conversation! I grew up near the Ia/Mn border and have been to the plant/produce auction south of Riceville, Ia. My favorite stores to visit: The first is Miller’s Health Food Store in the Leola area of Lancaster County. Is Fountain Acres Foods a Bent & Dent store? The owner of the new Heritage Hill Country Market (Chatham, VA) plans to target both groups.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'amishamerica_com-leader-1','ezslot_2',132,'0','0'])); Have you visited an Amish-run grocery, bulk food, or salvage store? But finding that unique little hole-in-the-wall shop or that particularly extroverted Amish shopkeeper — those can make the whole trip worthwhile. For the English visitor, these places can be the best of times…, or the worst of times. Detweiler’s Bent and Dent, W363 Atkinson Rd., Ph 608-897-2867. (not the one at Riceville/Elma) about directions to the Bent’N Dent store near St. Charles. Welcome to Amish365, where I share my knowledge of Amish cooking and culture! I went to the country discount salvage store at Rosebud/Salem, Indiana. One of the treasures is to just enjoy the whole back road experience and the slower pace that is offered. Maybe someday I’ll get that chance. 1.14 miles. By the time we head for home we’re loaded with treasures of all kinds! This one is just north of 84/908. "Salvage groceries" or "bent and dent" have become big business among Amish entrepreneurs seeking alternate occupations than farming. Newburg, PA 17240 717-530-5305 Supplements, Quilts, Bulk Foods, Books. Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. Great place to save money..scratch and dent..but still perfectly good products..and the girls who work there are awesome...If you like real butter and fresh cheeses and pastry items and bulk spices..then it's a must go to place..you won't regret it More Comments(37) You May Also Like. Thanks, Floyd, good to know! These stories really took off during the Great Recession, but have remained popular ever since. They have an amazing bakery and it’s common to hear the women sing church songs while they bake. morning and there were at least 100 people in the store -about 40% Amish and 60% non-Amish. One of these days I will make it to Wisconsin again (I lived there a summer, but before I knew much about the Amish). RESOURCES. I'm not a "food snob" I just...can't get enthused about a dented can of beans or an expired box of cereal. It’s definitely a team effort . In previous visits, I would say that customers are about 10% Amish and 90% non-Amish. meet near a small town called Losantiville. You can read more here: https://amishamerica.com/amish-union-grove-north-carolina/. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. I also miss the good fishing in your area. Point of clarification — ask at the produce auction at St. Charles The end of April-late Oct there is a small town on the way to the back roads that has a flea market every Sat. I used to get my eggs down the road west of Mishler’s and fresh produce west of there too. Surplus, bulk, bent and dent, the worlds best made to order subs and fantastic prices on produce are the high lites here. Directions: There are two bent and dent groceries on Town Line Road. Sometimes you can even buy a puppy or two outside for 35.00. 1.17 miles. First stop; bakery. The Register-Mail of Galesburg, IL recently published a profile of the store. They do amazing numbers as the place is always packed. I saw boxes of Stove Top stuffing for .75 cents and boxes of generic corn flakes for $2.25 (I never buy Corn Flakes, is that a good price? Sports. 2 Photos. But I took no offense at it, of course. It seems geared to a non-Amish clientele.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'amishamerica_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',131,'0','0'])); The place was packed on the Saturday I visited (see photo) and the only Amish people in the place were working there. Discount Foods. Mishler’s is the only place I’m able to purchase flour in a 50# bag, and I need to go soon! The items are bulked out onto pallets and this place would make Cosco green with envy. Wagoner's - 110 N Van Buren St, Bloomingdale Grocery Store. More . I often ask people where they are from, and people come from near and far to shop there! *As a member of various affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases. Personally, I'm not a huge bent and dent fan. I know what you describe as far as an occasional unwelcome-ish feeling, have only felt it a few times but it’s usually going to be in a place with predominantly Amish customers. On the other hand one of the friendliest and most open Amish storekeepers I’ve spoken with was in a small Swiss community in NE Indiana. We are also near Iowa border towns. I visit several markets in my area. The shoppers are about 50/50 OO and local English. Give a call when you’re in the state, and we’ll have a warm meal and bed for you! Thank you Andy, we try to keep a good mix of topics going here. I was in the St. Charles/Utica, Mn. When we go “Amishing” as we call it, one of our favorite places to shop is at Mishler’s Country Store in Dalton, Wisconsin which is a bulk food store. A stove provides some warmth to the building. Canned and packed goods at bargain prices. Buggy signs on heavily traveled US 35 warn motorists to be alert. I’m all ears! A trip once a month for me affirms that you don’t have to live on the grid in order to be successful in the modern age. stores. CASHTON LODGING. I’ve been to a number of Amish-run grocery/salvage/bulk food/etc. … People are more friendly in Wisconsin than Florida -the warm weather is the draw to living in south Florida. A few miles away is a remote farm store called “the Pallet Store”. Losantiville Grocery is Amish-owned and features a deli offering up cheese, meats and sandwiches to complement the rest of the store's offerings of "salvage goods." And don't bring your credit card, like most Amish businesses, they are not accepted. LOCAL BUSINESSES. Your trips do sound like a lot of fun. Thanks! When we are getting close to home we get back on the 6 lane highway, and have returned to the rat race of city life. See 2 photos and 1 tip from 36 visitors to Amish Bent n Dent. There is another house nearby that sells homemade chocolates,pies and deserts and it is all on one or two tables with the prices on them with a money drop box at the end. Nice description Terry. My favorite is an Old Order Mennonite orchard/farm market called “Wispering Pines” in Mt Pleasant Mills, Pa. You get a mish-mash of Amish with their roots in Lancaster, PA while others come from the Berne area of Indiana. Losantiville Grocery is a relatively new business near where US 35 and US 36 (boy, mix up one digit at that intersection and you'll be going west when you should be going north!)