The typical growing season generally lasts about eight months in zone 7 and the annual low temperature is about 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 C.). With so many varieties available in the shrubbery family, it is easy to find the perfect plant for every landscape need. Hydrangea (H. paniculata) First Editions® Strawberry Sundae® Hydrangea. They’re sometimes called the “Black Thumb … Visit reputable garden centers and nurseries to find popular and well-suited perennials for your particular region within zone 7. Frost and early spring cold snaps can damage young vegetables. Jul 27, 2019 - Gardening Plant Hardiness Zone 7 (7a = 0 to 5 F) (7b = 5 to 10 F) Group Board. Zones 7 and 8 are super versatile zone for plants. Flowering Shrubs No matter the planting zone, soil type or water conditions, there is a plant for every situation. May 24, 2020 - If you are planting a garden in zone 7, you?ll be able to choose among a wide variety of veggies and flowers. Click here to learn more about planting in this zone. This article provides information and garden tips for zone 7. A Dwarf Palmetto may grow a trunk up to 5 feet deep underground, enabling it to survive extreme conditions above the soil surface. The Dwarf Palmetto is recommended for Zones 7-11. Portions of eastern coastal areas are also able to sustain zone 7 perennial plants. Many Zone 7 hardy plants can be grown successfully in multiple locations with adjustments made to address their specific needs. See more ideas about plants, tropical plants, tropical. Its large, fan-like fronds sit close to the ground, often concealing a tiny trunk above ground. May 15, 2020 - Explore Diane Cahill's board "Tropical Plants for Zone 7" on Pinterest. Day Lily. Day lily (Hemerocallis hybrids and cultivars) are clumping perennials, growing to a height of 3 feet or less, depending on the cultivar. Our Calendars. Many crops and ornamentals will grow well in this zone. 1. The long, hot summers, combined with the milder winters provide ideal growing … Shrubs For Zone 7: No landscape plan is complete without the addition of shrubs. You can grow nearly anything. Today ; November Calendar; Fall Planting Dates; Moon Phase Calendar; Best Days Calendar; Fishing Calendar; Mercury Retrograde; … Providing row covers or cold frames can help protect against early spring or late fall damage. With the first frost around November 15 and the last one about April 15, planting a garden in zone 7 is a snap. These palms … Vegetables to Grow in Zone 7. This plant doesn’t look like a stereotypical palm tree, but it can still add some exotic flair to your landscape. Day lilies have simple, strappy, grass … These are Panicle Hydrangeas, the easiest to grow of all Hydrangeas. It wraps right along the bottom edge of the USA, from parts of Washington State in the west to North Carolina in the east. Garden Tips by Month; Growing Guides; Garden Planner; How-To Videos; Gardening Podcasts; Advice. Growing Guide Library; Robin's Garden Column; Pests & Diseases; Beginner Gardening; Garden Plans & Design; Raised Beds; Container Gardening; Calendar. Zone 7 Plants.