Belize Enjoy! Virgin Islands, U.s. Mauritius Meydan was launched in 2015. Guadeloupe . Turkey Haiti Svalbard and Jan Mayen Paraguay The Spirit of Dubai Parfums by Nabeel, an ultra-luxury fragrance brand from the UAE has unveiled SHUMUKH, the world’s most expensive and luxurious unisex perfume… Tracking Perfumes. Baz by The Spirit of Dubai is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men. This boutique reflects our unique identity, and is a golden jewel of Knightsbridge. Singapore Guyana Russian Federation Hello Everyone, I have reviewed the whole range of scent on my youtube channel: Exotic Scents with Nikhil. So this afternoon at Harrods, my client purchased Durra - the exclusive fragrance which forms as part of the collection called 'The Spirit of Dubai' - exclusive to Harrods only. Nauru Gabon India The panel of judges consisting of prominent industry names from Procter and Gamble, Marks and Spencer and Harrods made their decision on superior design and innovation in luxury packaging. Oman Iran, Islamic Republic of New Zealand Panama This is the first Spirit of Dubai boutique to offer the complete luxury collection of 14 Fragrances, Perfume Oils, Bakhoor Incense, Lotions and Award Winning Gift Sets. Chad Korea, Republic of Tanzania, United Republic of Samoa Senegal Cape Verde Hong Kong Congo, the Democratic Republic of the The perfumes were also made available in 50 ml & 100 ml individual artefacts. Gambia Antarctica Cayman Islands Grenada Aruba Kenya … They have exclusive worldwide rights and the collection was created by the perfume house, Nabeel - a UAE based fragrance house.