A radiating pain running down your forearm to your wrist and a weak grip are classic symptoms of tendonitis. Dorsal Wrist & Hand Pain. Be sure you treat the SOURCE of pain. If Stretching, applying ice etc to an area other than your arm or wrist changes your arm wrist pain chances are that you have found the true source of the arm. Forearm pain does not get as much interest as its cousin, wrist pain. wrist pain. Painful Weak Grip. Carpal Tunnel-like Pain in Wrist (watchband area) Dorsal Finger Pain. Clinically relevant pain in the wrist, forearm or hand may have one of several causes. One of the most common forms of hand, wrist and arm pain is “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” affecting the arms, wrists and hands. Dorsal Forearm Pain. Wrist and arm pain related to computer use usually originates at: the tendons at the elbow (also known as tennis elbow) It is diagnosed as the impingement or entrapment of the nerves in the wrist, a narrowing of the wrist’s “carpal tunnel”. Elbow Pain. Despite an unfortunate lack of attention—discomfort, soreness, or pain in the area between your elbow and wrist remains a problem many experience in their lifetime. In this post, Dr Abbey Davidson discusses wrist and forearm, and what can be done to help. Handwriting Difficulties. This is prevalent in busy office environments, where prolonged keyboard work is required. Because the wrist and forearm are so vital in our daily lives, they are common areas of pain and this pain and refer into the hand, fingers and elbow. Forearm mobility can prevent wrist pain in Crossfit Immobility of the forearm muscles that cross the wrist can alter the intricate movements of the carpal bones. Lateral Epicondylar Pain. Do suffer from wrist and forearm pain? In some cases, you may notice a slight swelling of your wrist and redness around the joint. Olecranon Pain. Medial Epicondylar Pain. If these aren’t moving well and then the region is stressed repeatedly, as it often is in Crossfit, then the local tissues will suffer. https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/guide/hand-pain-causes Problems Holding Arms Up (as when folding sheets) Actions such as shaking hands, lifting a heavy object or turning a key can be very painful.