Please read the direct linking instructions, on how to link directly to from your website. If you want to know my thoughts on the rest of Modern Horizons in regards to Oathbreaker, check out my video on the subject. It is currently being played in , mainly in the following archetypes: Jund 5 color Niv-Mizzet Bant Control Land Destruction Snow Control Bant Scapeshift Gruul Midrange Uroza Temur Snow Control Saheeli Combo. Well, Wrenn is the being in front and Six is a This Planeswalker is a little different when compared to the ones we usually get. Wrenn and Six has been played in more than 20 decks in the last year. The Trinisphere – Oathbreaker – Wrenn and Six + Crop Rotation | The Trinisphere | MTG July 7, 2019 by Community Spotlight Let’s look at converting Legacy Lands into an Oathbreaker decklist! Lore-wise, the reveal article had the following to say about them:“So what is that thing? Check out the deck list below for my full build. Magic: the Gathering Decklist Generator by April King.Please send feedback to, or contribute issue reports or code additions via GitHub. 4c control TPS Jeskai Mentor UR Delver Fish Oath JaceStorm Monastery Mentor. Magic: The Gathering ® Wizards of the Coast. It also includes a chance to win one of my rare or mythic pulls from the set, so if you want Wrenn and Six you have a shot at doing so!