The scientists can’t explain why those honks nudge something inside us. Raptors do this. And all those daytime thermals are a pain in the butt; doesn’t make for smooth sailing. No. So … the flying at night thing … I’ve already touched upon one of the reasons they prefer the night. Nautical technology made the scuttlebutt obsolete, but the term endured, becoming a catch-all word for unfounded rumors. The poets can’t either. These thermals are great for raptors—lots of vertical air movement, all over. But falcons, hawks, and eagles, hitting them from the air often spells doom. Now, if you’ve ever seen flocks of geese on the ground and tried to get amongst them or feed them or something … you may already know how mean and nasty they can get. So that’s one reason they like the night. Or the new guy? Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter. Casual conversation is home to a variety of prompts. Click here to view. It’s goose-getaway time. “What’s the scuttlebutt?” you’d say, for example, and then they’d reply with the solicited scuttlebutt. These efforts at speech are informed by the memory of our ancestors, those cave dwellers who felt the pain of our species’ separation from the rest; a longing for a lost sense of connection lies behind this catalogue of inadequate terms. There are actually very good reasons that these geese fly at night, and I will go over them with you. Nocturnal Migrants, are the first classification, [and they fly] at night. Why do Canadian geese fly at night? Aldo Leopold, in his classic "A Sand County Almanac" called them free entertainments, a chance for the bored farmer to imagine a trip to somewhere magical and far away, a geometry puzzle for school kids who look up and wonder how that one goose got to be the leader of the pack? Otherwise, this can happen ... (WARNING: Extremely dramatic footage follows of a falcon/goose battle. And eagles! The next time someone asks you what the scuttlebutt is, now you can tell them. Answer by … Each goose behind is slightly higher than the one in front of it, all the way to the last goose, which is flying the highest. And falcons! This would include most of the seed-eating songbirds, such as sparrows and thrushes. And why do so many of … He can feel a kind of connection, but he can’t name the connection. It is so. Expressiveness Our minds make an answer, though we cannot Articulate it. It cannot be said, what the geese cries “mean,” and yet they provoke us to answer; we can neither understand them nor cease to respond to their presence. "Apparently voice recognition allows a temporarily lost goose to locate and rejoin family members among a flock of thousands.". There are two reasons for this. Who will win?!). So who gets chosen to be point-man? And I will go over them with you. At night, several hours after sunset, the Earth cools and those pesky vertical thermals disperse. The talk Of the wild geese in the sky. The next goose again benefits from that one, and so on down the line. 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