Use for acid-loving plants like blueberries and azaleas because of its low pH. 25 lbs. “This is … 4.6 out of 5 stars 469. Take from the tubs as much as I need to mix up 5 gallons or so of fert at a time. 5 Cottonseed Meal. ft. or 900 lbs/acre. Reputed to be a good choice for roses, azaleas, … 3.2 out of 5 stars 7. Quick delivery. Cottonseed Meal 50 lb. 36% All natural protein (Cottonseed Meal) and palatable / Supports optimal forage. For years, organic growers have used cottonseed meal as an all-around source of slow-release nutrients for all crops, especially acid-tolerant plants. Cottonseed Meal is useful in a low-pH soil with low-pH requiring plants. OILS WITH INSECTICIDAL FUNGICIDAL QUALITIES, TRAPS / BARRIERS / REPELLENTS / ATTRACTANTS, Beneficial Insects Suppliers & Seed Sources, Corn Gluten Meal Granular (9-0-0) - 50 lb Bag, Bone Meal Steamed Granular Par-4 (2-14-0) - 50 lb Bag, Alfalfa Meal Organically Grown for Plants or Animals (3-2-2) - 50 lb Bag, Harmony Ag Organic Fertilizer (5-4-3) 9% Calcium - 50 lb Bag, Crescendo Organic Fertilizer (8-2-2) 5% Calcium - 50 lb Bag, Sea-90 Essential Elements for Crops - 50 lb Bag, Rock Phosphate Ida-Gro Pelletized (0-3-0) - 50 lb Bag, Fish Meal (with Naturox) 60% Protein (9-4-0) - 50 lb Bag, Buy 10 - 19 Cottonseed Meal is useful in a low-pH soil with low-pH requiring plants. and pay only $25.50 each, Buy 20 - 39 Thank You Seven Springs Farm, Posted by Bizzell Bluff Farm on 19th Jul 2018, This product arrived quick, and was well packaged. Kelp meal is the only expensive component going for about $75.00 for a 55 lb sack, however that will generally last me 3/4 years. Please check back or call us at 800-540-9181 for more details. 40. Other options New from $98.41. $99.40 $ 99. HIRSUTUM - 20 Seeds, Down to Earth Organic Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer Mix 2.5-0.5-2.5, 5 lb, Cottonseed Meal Fertilizer 5-2-1"Greenway Biotech Brand" 10 Pounds, Cottonseed Meal Fertilizer 5-2-1"Greenway Biotech Brand" 2 Pounds, Winchester Gardens Select Organics Berry Granular Fertilizer, 3-Pound Bag, MRC Cotton Seeds Non-GMO, untreated 20+ Seeds, Espoma Organic Traditions Cottonseed Meal 6-2-1 - 4 lb Bag CM4, Azomite Rock Dust Volcanic Ash (Certified Dealer) Trace Minerals "Greenway Biotech Brand" 5 Pounds, Winchester Gardens NPK 6-3-9 Select Organics Potato Granular Fertilizer, 3-Pound, leg 3488 – Food Plant and Fertilizer - Cottonseed Meal 50lb Bag – DS13, Dr. Earth 703P Organic 4 Azalea/Camellia/Rhododendron Acid Fertilizer in Poly Bag, 4-Pound, The Old Farmer's Almanac 2.25 lb. per 1,000 sq. and pay only $24.00 each. Down To Earth’s Cottonseed Meal 6-2-1 is traditionally used to feed plants that thrive in lower pH soils, such as berries, flowering shrubs and evergreen trees. Thank you. This Alfalfa Meal is Certified Organically Grown and for animals it is 1, An environmentally friendly blend of iron phosphate & bait additives that lures slugs & snai, Your plants will sing for Harmony Ag-Organic 5-4-3 fertilizer and perform with outstanding res, Thorvin Kelp Minerals for Animals - This is the best kelp on the market and it is, Azomite For Plants & Animals Micronized Powder - This naturally mined, volcanic mineral has, Elemental Sulfur 90%- Pelletized sulfur is useful in lowering pH without potential aluminu, Plants will SING for Crescendo Organic Fertilizer with added feather meal for sustained Nitrogen in, SEA-90 sea mineral solids are 100% natural water soluble minerals listed by the USDA National Organi, Azomite For Plants & Animals Granular - This naturally mined, volcanic mineral has over 66, Rock Phosphate Ida-Gro Pelletized (0-3-0) - 20% total phosphate, 3% available phosphate and 20% calc, Fish Meal 60% Protein - Now preserved Naturally with Naturox This fish meal is from Catfish and is h, © 2020 Seven Springs Farm Organic Farming & Gardening Supplies LLC. Apply in the early spring and late summer to hel, Feather meal, a by-product of poultry processing is cooked and sterilized under intense heat using s, Bone Meal Steamed Granular Par-4 (2-14-0) - This steamed bone meal is micro-pelletized for easy, Need slow release Nitrogen?