4. This time around, Amazon has partnered … In this example, the first set of numbers, 44.1.54, is the browser version. The second set of numbers, 2403.63.10, is the build version. Cansomeone please provide a walkthrough before I chuck this bloody thing at the wall? From the Silk menu, tap Settings, and then tap About Silk.. Just weeks after PayPal acquired popular coupon-finding browser extension Honey in November 2019 for $4 billion, Amazon shoppers were served a notification that the extension was a … It'll lead you right to the Silk browser. The app looks mostly like the bluish globe with a rainbow-colored silk on top of it. I hate the Silk thing on here...many thanks ;D Advertisement. Part 2 of 2: Using the Browser. Locate the application number, which should look something like this: When the first Kindle Fire came out last year, the default search provider for its Silk web browser was Google. 1. Diamond and Silk became popular during the 2016 election, making regular appearances on Fox News. After receiving praise from Trump himself, they … Tap the icon for the Silk browser. Access the browser by tapping external HTML links from many books or apps leading to websites. I do not know how this happened but Silk seems to be my browser now on my kindle fire.