I'm the type of person who doesn't see anything weird about a person so i only really registered it when she was reading a book to me in the bus and this little girl pointed it out. If someone ties saying "seashore" with his tongue pressed against his front teeth, he'll known what this sounds like. I'm sure my parents know but not one of them has done anything about it. Please help! My “nerves” are at odds with my desires, and this battle overshadows the one between my speech and my thoughts. At the end you get two rewards: a charming voice and your lisp is gone! Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and I know that some of you think the parents are in denial but i bet you that most just don't know your pain and doesn't want to make you self conscious like my parents. hi i have a girlfriend who has a lisp and she's worried about meeting my family cause they might laugh at her cause of her lisp. It disappeared -- not completely -- but people can now understand me and I do not try and reword sentences to remove words the the letter S. The only letter I try and avoid now is the letter 'x' as I seem to pronounce it more like 's'. I don't have a lisp, but i am surrounded by people who do. So my parents took me to a, "respected" orthodontist (not a speech pathologist), and he put braces on my perfectly straight teeth. I have it on most letters of the alphabet and when saying ch and sh. The /s/ and /z/ sounds will then sound more like a “th” sound: swim=thwim, spoon=thpoon soup=thoup. He has a hard time saying words starting with "s" "ch" and "tr"....which makes him very hard to understand and he actually gets picked on for it. I get embarrassed by it often and don't like to talk in public because sometimes people point it out. I've always been shy and never really made friends very easily, in primary no one really cared, so when I hit secondary school it kind of lowered my confidence. I've even started to start dropping my S's in my speech and I'm worried. A lateral lisp often sounds “wet” or “slushy” because you can hear the sounds of saliva. I have a lisp, had it since i could start talking, when i was young i had the michael taken out of me for it. I want to be a singer but obviously won't if I can't speak properly. �]HPp����LLB(�BYY���y���(8(����p]P When i got to high school my friends since kindergarten even stopped hanging out with me because the new people they met didn't like my voice. Im 12. I never realized I had a lisp until I was in 5th grade. I am a speech language pathologist and the very first questioner wanted to know what type of lisp she had that was not the one where the /s/ sounds like 'th.' i pray it would go away but it doesn't. she had just moved in a few months prior and was mad because I said their dog tried to bite me. So, I say to those that have big issues with it and are being bugged: it will shape you into a great person and make you strong in life when other things may follow. It's good because you are different from anyone. I would never make fun of how people talk. I think i have a thick tongue as I am unable to pronounce words right. Who cares? I'm a 14 year old girl, and as you can probably guess, I have a lisp! It is very small, but it is embarrassing because people tend to notice it, and make fun of me for it. I'd love to resolve the problem 100 percent but I've come to terms with it and it is part of who I am. More commonly, this condition appears to be psychological in origin, and often emerges as a reaction to stress. in third grade i realized that i have a lisp when people made me say "the," "thunder", "three" or think. Dentalized lisp—occurs when the tongue pushes against the front teeth. He asked me to repeat it twice! Thanks for helping me understand. I hate introducing myself to people because my name has an 's' in it. People don't really point it out but I know they notice it. It just never seemed as if she really knew about it herself. what should i do? It's the worst thing. Typically the position of the sound within a word is considered and targeted. Help. As a child, I realized I had a lisp. Sometimes, I just want to kill myself because I feel like I'm not going anywhere in life. someone please help me. Now, I just try avoiding saying any words with a S. I'm 15 and I have an "s" lisp. Well, my little sis has one, but she is only 6 and my small family thinks it's cute. I did meet two orthodontists who remarked how undersized my mouth was in comparison to my monstrosity of a tongue. and i was like, "um...no." Please help me. I usually ignore people when they talk about me in a bad way and so on, but when I tell them off they laugh even harder because I say the s letter again. Because of this, I have become very antisocial... Ek! I told my parents that my tongue was too big for my mouth, (teeth). my speech was terrible until about the age of 20. I didn't even know it until the eighth grade when this one guy kept on wanting me to say "yes". Of course I would never oblige. :'( :'(. Many young children have these during their development, although they often go away without intervention. there are famous people that have lisps including alex gaskarth from the band all time low and he sings very well, so people shouldn't be self conscious of it. Just a professional tip: this is a great counter to use if someone is being a jackass. If she's really worried, go see a speech pathologist. I know sucking my thumb has made a big impact on my lisp. But it doesn't stop me. When my family or others copy me or even talk and make fun of people lisping, I get depressed for a few days or even for weeks. It's even worse when they mock and imitate me. When i get put down all the time, i just can't take it. If you are very motivated, this should not take long to correct. If your parents refuse to help you (or they are in denial), don't just ignore this. I told her my tongue was too big for my teeth. can a lisp make you breathless and dizzy and give you a fast heart rate? I'm in big trouble with my mum and anyway we're a bit tight with money so I can't buy the kill lisp thing. I have also noticed the faster I talk the worse it gets. I try to say words with "s" but they end up ssss. my lisp is what makes me different. Your 't' should sound crisp and clear. Look for a song that has a lot of "s" or "th" words. Nowadays however, I just I just laugh it off. My seven year old son has a lisp. I just know that i am still the same music- loving, ambitious, flirty girl that i always was and to all those out there who think that they can't live with a lisp, tell everyone that what are you gaining from making fun of something that they can't change. In addition to causing communication problems, this speech impediment can also cause psychological problems, because people with lisps are often mocked or stigmatized. you people are lucky. Since then, I've become very anti-social. I'm 16 years old and I have had a lisp since I could talk and I have tried everything and it's getting to the point where I don't even talk because it gets in the way.