For this reason, the IUCN lists this species as Vulnerable. It is so funny that they watch themselves in the mirror and their keets look so sweet, just like little ducklings. Mel Carriere from San Diego California on October 09, 2015: I haven't seen any guinea fowl out here in our neck of the woods yet. I'm taking the winter off from building aviaries. The helmeted or domesticated guinea hen is a larger species than other guineas. The country is sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry in order to distinguish it from other parts of the wider region of the same name, such as Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea.. Read on to learn about the Guinea Fowl. Never have heard of Guinea Fowl. Very cool post! We do not own any Guinea and really don’t know of anyone around us that do. Well, no. :) Next for us are doves, but even they will have to wait until next spring. They are very noisy birds with a loud chirping and screeching sound and will “alarm” when anything out of the ordinary comes around. It’s a guinea fowl. Interesting creature. Some people raise Guinea fowl for food or for their eggs, but others keep them as their farm “watch birds”. Uncommon guinea fowl facts Here are the 7 things that are not exactly common knowledge about guinea fowl. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on October 09, 2015: My dogs are famous for catching birds. The Happy Chicken Coop expert also shares some great facts about how Guineas ended up here! They have a round body and a small head for their size. Great hub! lol I am considering having a couple but I don't know how I would keep them home with another flock so near. All six species of Guinea Fowl live in Africa, primarily south of the Sahara Desert. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day! I have heard of the Guinea Fowl but knew very little about them. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. :), I wish this one would have stayed around, but after a couple of weeks, he just seemed to disappear. Guinea fowl are known to be territorial birds and don’t take well to visitors of any kind. Guinea fowl are birds within the order of Galliformes, which also includes such birds as turkey, grouse, chickens, quail and pheasant, along with a few others. What a sound! Guinea Fowls are relatively round chicken-like birds, with naked heads. Several species of Guineafowl share similar habitats and ranges. I always enjoy seeing them when we drive around in the county. The calls of the Guinea fowl include a rasping, stuttering and a grating “keerrr.” Flocks of up to 100 birds may form. Thanks for the education! Thank you for stopping by, Jackie! The guinea hen will lay eggs in a secluded nest on the ground. Additionally, these vocal birds help alert other fowl, like chickens, when a potential predator is nearby. Pairs of Guinea Fowl usually mate for life, but this does vary by species. Here, many people raise them for food. Their meat is mostly dark and moist with a bit of a wild flavor. The Guinea Fowl generally weighs about 0.7 – 1.6 kg (1.5 – 3.5 lbs) and can grow as long as 71 cm (30″). Therefore, it is not allowed to hurt these lovely birds. They are also known for NOT being good mothers. This particular guinea fowl weighs almost 3 lbs. Thanks for the information. Guinea fowl were first domesticated by the ancient Romans and are still farmed to this day. In Australia we have a number of official colours and mutations, listed below are the only real mutations available Guinea fowl are rather comical birds. :). People also frequently keep them in addition to other fowl, because they hunt and eat a variety of pesky insects. We have wondered if he thinks he is a turkey or if he is just decided to go on an adventure. Also, their eggs are smaller than chicken eggs. moonlake from America on October 08, 2015: I love Guinea wish I had one. They were great fun, especially as our back neighbour complained about the noise of the rooster crowing, but she didn't know what the latest addition was, so kept quiet! Each species has a different distribution. The family consists of 7–10 species, one of which, Numida meleagris, is widely domesticated for its flesh and as a “watchdog” on farms Guinea fowl has many native species, widespread in the savannahs and shrubs of Africa, which have been introduced into the West Indies and other places. They also eat ants, grasshoppers, wasps and flies as well as cutworms, grubs and snails. There are six different species of Guinea Fowl, the White-Breasted, Helmeted, Black, Plumed, Crested, and Vulturine Guinea Fowl. Deer bed down all around here and I can't keep my dogs out of their beds and I know that's where they get the ticks. Guinea fowl are birds within the order of Galliformes, which also includes such birds as turkey, grouse, chickens, quail and pheasant, along with a few others. I found a deer tick on my dog today. In South Africa the Guinea Fowl is a protected species. They are typically social birds and live in small groups. Guinea Fowl, also known as Guineafowl, are a group of birds that live in Africa. I couldn't stand knowing they caught a guinea that we had brought home. I have to stand corrected, I was told by Dr. Mark that the guinea eggs were a bit smaller than chicken eggs and I'm sure he would know. These birds are omnivores, and feed on a variety of seeds and small invertebrates. The Romans brought them back from their African campaigns and tried to domesticate them. For details about the Guinea Fowl Breeders Association, please visit the GFBA website at