Memorize these fingerings by doing a chromatic scale, then practice the 12 major scales (above) using those fingerings. The minor scales that overlap are bb/ a#, eb/d#, and ab/g#. The fingerings and the sound of these enharmonic scales is the same, but they’re written differently. The Major Scales that overlap are Db/C#, Gb/F#, and Cb/B. Alternate link: Trumpet Fingering Chart for Beginners Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for Major Scales-Trumpet arranged by mdgarrett for Trumpet (In B Flat) (Solo) In minor scales, the chord includes a minor third instead of a major third; this means that the third note in a minor scale is one half-step lower than it would be in a major. For a trumpet tuned in B flat, this is a B flat scale. If so, go here: trumpet finger chart | Brass Musician | The online magazine for brass players. Trumpet &c # Concert F Major G Major Written One Octave Scale and Arpeggio Poston Scale Packet Jenn Bock & Full Range Scale# & # Scale in Thirds & # Arpeggio Exercise & ... Poston Scale Packet- Trumpet- Jenn Bock 7. As a trumpet player, one place you would wind up using these is in marches.