I had never used one and have taken several woodturning courses and have learned to sharpen with the Oneway Wolverine jigs as well as hand sharpening on the bench grinder, but never have I had such a pleasant experience sharpening as I did with the Tormek T8 with … as well as a few other tools. As previously mentioned, I believe the Tormek is … Improved Square Edge Jig. I'd like to get the bit sharpener someday, but it's dang pricy.) Decide for yourself which is worth to buy. Read the comparison on Tormek T4 vs T8 and check out the price difference. Last edited: Dec 16, 2010. I'll start with, ultimately I'm thrilled with the purchase. The SE-77 Square Edge jig that comes with the T-8 has two adjustable knobs. Feb 15, 2014. vs Tormek back the Tormek as superior, but the cost has to be a factor. TORMEK T-8 Vizes Köszörű (200W/220-250mm) (T-8) Kettősköszörűk A TORMEK T-8 nagyobb pontosságot biztosít a forradalmian új öntött cink háznak köszönhetően, ami garantálja az univerzális támasz mégnagyobb pontosságát. :thumbup: Mar 31, 2014 #11. NRA. You are comparing a smaller machine with a much larger one when comparing the T3 and Grizzly 10". I just took a fantastic woodturning course from Glenn Lucas in Ireland and he recommended the Tormek T8 without reservation. A fairer comparison would be the Tormek T7 vs. the Grizzly 10". I also like that the Tormek runs nearly silent, with an RPM of only 80. 286. Finally, I really like using the rotating leather strop that the Tormek offers. Ezzel teljesülnek a legjobban a pontos élezés feltételei. Brusilni stroj Tormek T8 je profesionalna naprava za mokro brušenje in glajenje rezilnih orodij in izboljšana različica stroja T7 s sledečim priborom v kompletu: brusni kamen Super Grind SG-250/50 mm; ravni polirni usnjeni kolut LA-220/31 mm The OP said the WE and the Tormec base model prices were similar. Those are very similar. It’s noteworthy to mention that T4 and T7 do not have this feature. She got a kiln and a shit ton of glass, I got a Tormek T8 with all the fixings (no drill bit sharpener or planar sharpener. The CBN will make the Tormek/Grizzly obsolete unless Tormek adapts. The Tormek will sharpen scissors better than anything I’ve ever seen. I use mine commercially, so the expense was worth it. M. manatee Member. Joined Jul 6, 2009 Messages 99 Location Florida.