The set includes Acid Storm and the then-yet-to-be-named Ion Storm and Nova Storm, and comes in a retro box with a limited run of 500 pieces. Blackdog and the Rainmakers Band's Official Website RIGHTS On January 13, 2004, Bob Walkenhorst gave permission for this shows and for Rainmakers shows to be hosted at the Archive (note we have 2 separate sections): The Rainmakers are a Kansas City, Missouri-based original rock band, fronted by Bob Walkenhorst, which had a small string of hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the United States and Europe, especially Norway. Notes Home page of Blackdog and the Rainmakers, a rock group from St. Charles, MO. Rainmakers (2013) Accessories: Pegged wings, blasters The Loyal Subjects Rainmakers are a set of three 3-inch non-transforming vinyl figures designed by Les Schetkoe. Blackdog and the Rainmakers is a 7 piece band with 5 vocalists. I know The Rainmakers for over 30 years. The new CD - only cover versions - is wonderful. The Rainmakers. The Rainmakers are a Kansas City, Missouri-based original rock band whose members include: Bob Walkenhorst, Steve Phillips (later a member of The Elders), Jeff Porter, Rich Ruth, Pat Tomek, Michael Bliss (replaced Rich Ruth in 1995).Missouri has long boasted of being the home of two of America's greatest artists, Mark Twain and Chuck Berry. 6.5K likes. Everybody should buy!!!!! Only one bad Thing: The cover of the CD is terrible The official Rainmakers Facebook page A great band from Kansas City. The official Rainmakers Facebook page 6.8K likes. The Rainmakers, Kansas City, Missouri. I specially love the Rainmakers Version of the Paul Simon song "America".