ancient times as well as of other sages such as Sandilya down to the great Bhakti Saints This is a book with a message of hope, success in life, of peace, FREE Download | Buy Book It is full of instructions on practical Sadhana for attaining Siva-Tattva or God-realisation. Formats: .pdf (497 kb), .html Know Thyself Print Edition, What Becomes of the Soul After Death an authoritative article on the Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy, the life of Saint Disciple, The Philosophy and is, and how to start with virtue, pass through holiness and culminate in Godliness. (181 kb) | Formats: .pdf (265 kb), .html (253 kb) | The life-transforming power of holy company and spiritual books! FREE Download | Buy Book Print Edition, Special Insights Into Sadhana No. Maharaj, Meditation and its Utility in Daily Life Click on the icon on the right for information kb), .epub (537 kb), .mobi The subtlest of spiritual truths in the form of Parables. Formats: .pdf (359 kb), .html Buy Book Apart from the biographies of the Sixty-three nayanar Saints, this book contains (529 The Yoga Vasishtha is one of the crowning glories of the world spiritual literature. Print Edition, How to Get Vairagya (Dispassion) (202 kb) | Lila with the Gopis which is confusing to many in the laity is described. He was a perfect Raja Yogi; all the Angas according to Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga were born with Gurudev. – Seat of prana – Sub-pranas and their functions – The colour of pranas – The length of the air-currents – The centering of the prana – The lungs – Ida and pingala – Sushumna etc. A superb book on understanding the workings of the mind. – Karma, Rebirth and Reincarnation – The Phenomenon of Death – Death is Not the End of Life – Process of Death – Signs of Death – Dissolution of Elements at Death – Function of Udana Vayu – What is Soul? The study of Brahma Sutras is nothing but a more detailed dive into the spiritual knowledge contained in the Upanishads. Topics include: Do You Really Want God? An ethical and suggestive introduction to a successful career as students, at all levels, pointing to a way of living which will transform education into a practical guide in life. Sivananda Yoga by Swami Venkatesananda Bhakti is the essence of all religions. A great spiritual book written by Swami Sivananda keeping the beginner in mind. Buy All Hindu festivals have a deep spiritual import or high religious significance. .html Print Edition, Students, Spiritual Literature and Sivananda Various illustration anecdotes, stories, similes and analogies have made Vedantic spirituality very clear and interesting. For all those who are earnestly seeking for perfect health and a very long life, this work will be highly inspiring, informative and valuable. Buy Kingly Science Kingly Secret (Superb Book!) 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Buy Print Edition, Books by Sri Swami Premanandaji This small book is your pocket Guru, handy friend, invigorating tonic and soft – What is Love? Svara Yoga is effective means to check disease & death. Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? of many of our fasts and festivals. Devotees recollect their experiences of Swami Sivananda's miracles in their lives. Sivananda Daily – Pure Love vs. Selfish Love – Yoga of Universal love – Who is God? Book includes spiritual topics such as – What is Yoga? This book provides valuable knowledge to sufferers of this disease. (159 kb)* | garland of very powerful Yoga-assertions that will at once elevate and inspire the reader. Formulae for Developing Will – Have a Cool and Balanced Mind – Have Presence of Mind – Signs of Growing Will – Develop Firmness and Patience – Have a Definite Aim in Life – Exercises for Developing Memory – Mental Relaxation – Control of the Wandering Mind – Character Building – Cultivating of Truthfulness etc. MP3 Bhajans – Download the Gayatri Mantra in various Ragas, along with Gayatri Mata’s Aarti & Surya Ashtakam (Yanmandalam). Buy Book Rishikesh, for the celebration of the 34th birthday of Sri Swami Venkatesanandaji. This book contains the first 60 Sivanandashram letters by Swamiji spanning from October 1963 to January 1969. Swamiji clearly explains the defects of material life and earnestly calls us from the bottom of his heart to lead a spiritual life. So what practices should we undertake? 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