Continue along the path, being wary of the bumps in the way, reaching the GOAL. For Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz on the Wii, GameFAQs has 7 guides and walkthroughs. To beat this bullet shooting beast, jump on the flying bullets weak point (the pink spot on top) to send the missiles homing back to damage the boss. The main path here leads past a couple rainbow colored islands that heave and shift up and down, but they are optional as they possess Bananas. Watch out for the rolling monkey ball that can trap the monkey on guard duty! The party is back and bigger than ever in the Mario Party 9 game for Wii, featuring all-new ways to play! Continue onwards to leap a gap and run across a bumpy path, reaching the GOAL. Help for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz on Wii. Roll along the spiral path, grabbing each Banana along the way. The other path is the main path, dealing with moving sticks that try to push the Monkey Ball back the way it came, with the second set having holes in the path to put the Monkey Ball into. To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. Welcome to my guide for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Bliz, the new game of the Monkey Ball series. Leap them and get the Bananas that rotate with the arms, jumping the last gap to deal with one more swinging arm before going through the GOAL. Note: Boss links will soon be directed to the boss's name. Go down the first two slopes to reach a fork in the path of the level. In this title you control one of several monkeys on a ball, racing through several courses. At the end of this stretch is the GOAL. If the jumping skills are up to snuff, go pass the first turn to try and perform a leap onto and off of the stump to clear the big barrier, finding two Banana Bunches for grabbing, followed by leaping across to the pathway nearby. Go straight down the main path and up the next hill to find a Banana Bunch, followed by taking the paths ahead for more Bananas. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Walkthrough Videos (Completed) Total number of 5 videos by (01:37:30) Title: Duration: Date: SMB Banana Blitz p1 - Monkey Island (SO COLORFUL) (00:14:59) May 03 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Wii walkthrough and guide at GameSpy - Check out the latest walkthroughs and guides for Wii Hold the Remote at a 90 degree angle with the sensor bar, moving it left and right to go those directions. Once the seesaw platform is reached, cross it and jump to the next pathway, rolling over the bumps to reach a double seesaw set to leap across (control speed and leap when the bridge is tipped high enough to do so). For the fir... All new features/boards! Leap the two fenceposts laid across the track, reaching the GOAL soon after (to get the Banana behind the GOAL, run full speed to pass through it to end the level, catching the Banana with the momentum). The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell (Updated), Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz - Party Game 38 - Rock-Paper-Scissors Attack Go left at the first path to deal with bumps in the path (slight jumps or roll through the low points on them to minimize the disruption they can cause), following this route while getting Bananas. 2-7: Go straight down the main path and up the next hill to find a Banana Bunch, followed by taking the paths ahead for more Bananas. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. Follow the path until the rotating bridge platform is encountered, letting it swing back to get across the large gap. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Get them all to help the cause in the next set of levels. More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats. The main objective in each of this courses is to collect all the bananas you find and make it to the finish. AiAi and all his friends have rolled their way onto Wii with new mind-blowing puzzle levels and Party Games. There are a couple bridges here that contain Bananas and Banana Bunches, so feel free to go after these to fill out the Banana count for the level. Roll around the path to find some moving bridges to jump across (if the skill is in place, try for the Banana Bunches to get some extra lives) to reach the far side of the gap, followed by going down the path to reach the GOAL. Hit him six times to bring the metal monstrosity down to earth. Either way has gaps to deal with, so pick one and make it work to reach the GOAL successfully. Keep the Banana thieves away from the Banana Bunches, hitting them with the stick to send them flying. However, the third island of this nature must be traversed to reach the GOAL in the center of it, so jump across the rings, getting onto the central platform to finish the level. If one is missed, turn around and go get it, as there is a lot of time here to make sure all 50 Bananas are snagged. This level has small circular "islands" that are connected by pathway, each area possessing small singing arms to contend with. As the boss takes more damage, he will begin to shoot extra volleys at a time, so stomp them all to really cream him in a short amount of time. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Roll down the path to leap up to the level of the swinging arms, jumping over them to go down to see a blue bar with 22 Bananas on it (go for this only if skilled enough to balance the narrow path). We also accept maps and charts as well. Mario Party for Wii also includes dozens of new mini-games, six new party boards and many ne... From snowcapped mountains to the bright lights of a bustling cityscape, Go Vacation gives gamers the option to take p... Wario and his pals learn fun, wacky moves after discovering a strange book and a mystical device called the Form Bato... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Straight ahead is a narrow passage with six Banana Bunches on it, riding it down the steps to jump across a small gap to the right to reach the GOAL. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Below is a list of all stages and worlds found in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Please log in or register to continue.