This is the raspberry of choice for the food retailers because it stores better than most other varieties. Summer fruiting raspberry canes make their fruit on stems that are one year old, as opposed to Autumn fruiting varieties that fruit on their new growth. 4 Replies 216 Views April 30, 2020, 09:05 by Twood : Autumn fruiting raspberries Started by RJR_38 on Grow Your Own It also has good disease resistance. Tip the canes back in late winter, by removing the tops by 15cm (6"). Summer-fruiting raspberries. SUMMER FRUITING RASPBERRY VARIETIES TULAMEEN One of the latest varieties to be awarded an AGM, this variety produces a heavy crop of tasty raspberries. My summer crop has been poor for the last few years, and I now find that in early autumn, the current year's new growth is flowering and setting fruit. Summer-fruiting raspberries are more common, developing their fruit on last year’s growth. In fact, with many “autumn” raspberry varieties, the only difference between them and the “summer” fruiting types is how we choose to prune them, not actual genetics. A summer fruiting raspberry cane only fruits once on each stem, so they should be … 13 Replies 4663 Views September 04, 2010, 17:51 by dno71 : Summer fruiting raspberries Started by Twood on Grow Your Own. Summer raspberries need strong supports. Ever-bearing raspberries (also called fall-bearing or autumn-bearing) produce berries on new canes. they bear a fall crop and can also produce fruit the following summer. Started by Bluebell007 on Grow Your Own. They bear one crop per season, in summertime (often June or July). My summer fruiting raspberries are cut back in the autumn, leaving this year's growth to fruit next year. Pruning Summer Fruiting Raspberries . Summer fruiting raspberries help.. They are pruned after fruiting, by thinning out the canes to leave the strongest five or six on each plant.