As Painty-02 but with a width of 1800 mm and exhaust outlets for existing exhaust system. With high accuracy to the last drop, our paint scales are rugged and dependable for mixing small to large quantities of automotive refinishing paints. 5. Shot Blasting Equipment. If you would like to take full advantage of the site, please update your web browser to help improve your experience while browsing How does the ink mixing scale correct errors? If a color is even a little off, the results can be disappointing. If required, heating is provided by an electric zone 1 rated 1kW frost protection system. Your unique colour-matched colour can be mixed into any high-quality paint products. Paint mixing scales or painting scales must use high-precision weighing technology to help you attain the perfect color match, while withstanding regular use in tough automotive-shop environments. 2. When you've found your colour and selected a sample, bring it into any B&Q store which offers Valspar colour mixing. In addition to providing the space for mixing paint, our range of tables allow for useful storage for those products that are regularly needed. 3. The intuitive, user friendly graphic display guides the user swiftly and easily through the mixing process and stores the mixing protocol so it does not need to be re-entered again later. Enquire about the Painty-01 Paint Mixing Table. Industrial Solutions. This makes automotive scale painting easy. Can the Tare button on an automotive paint mixing scale be disabled? The standard USB communication port can easily be upgraded to Ethernet, enabling communication to the network or cloud server for painless data transfer. They have an easy interface that allows you to download formulas from a PC to the automotive scale and manage these formulas from within the ink mixing scale. Achieve high levels of accuracy even in hazardous zones without compromising safety. This means the automotive paint scale can become a secure part of your scale painting process. Apply a coat of exterior finish paint with the paintbrush and mini roller over every surface of the bench. Customer provided a detailed sketch of the specific design requirements which incorporate integral fume extraction to protect the operator. Keep your mixing rooms and workshops clutter-free by utilising mixing tables to their fullest potential. Paint mixing scales bring a new level of comfort and functionality into the automotive body shop, and for this reason the scales are often referred to as an automotive scale or automotive paint scale – even though they can cover a larger range of applications, including being used as an ink mixing scale. This information can be found in the User's Manual under section 4.3, Locking the Keyboard. The modular design provides complete flexibility to build your ideal configuration. The user friendly interface offers a bigger display with TFT (Thin Film Transistor) color touchscreen for easy viewing of mix information and alerts. We would like to let you know that some features on the site may not be available or may not work as nicely as they would on a newer browser version. This frees up your computer and reduces the risk of communication errors in the mixing process. The message "keys unlocked" appears briefly. Our Complete Range of Robotic & Automated Spray Systems. Use a painting scale to ensure accurate measurement of your color formulation for right-the-first-time colors. 7. 6. How can I use a scale painting scale for accurate color? We have made reliable automotive paint mixing scales for years and correction mode for scale painting is effective in automotive paint scale and ink mixing scale applications. 4. Start by spreading a cloth, old sheet, paint tarp, or newspapers on a hard, flat surface where you will be painting the bench. Our paint mixing scales and automotive scales are designed for the most demanding applications and use advanced technology to help you mix, formulate and weigh paint for any automotive refinishing application.